Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hit the ground running!

Okay, because I am lacking in time, I cannot update two blogs, so am linking you to the other one for this entry - call it laziness, I call it a natty way of killing two birds with one stone so:


Friday, April 03, 2009

No Corn Fires on Da Bus!

Today has been "my" day. This morning we went on the cable car down the infamous street, to eat "proper" sushi (from revolving boats) in Japan town and then hanging out with the hippies in Haight Street.

The boys have thoroughly enjoyed their class at the museum of cartoon art. They were shown how to draw the simple stick figures, then the tubes (yup, your guess is as good as mine!) then finally the whole figure and cartoon strips. Put my boys in a room with Dennis the Menace or Spiderman and a few pencils and you have an afternoon's entertainment of riotous fun!! So we now own a few new "cartoon strips"

Little Miss was a wee bit too young to participate in this, so she spent a good portion of the day riding the trolley buses and entertaining the passengers with her incessant chatter. We met people from Lowestoft in Suffolk (UK!) and Stonnington, CT (US) and then finally this evening, she chatted up Chris the guitar man from Newtown in CT - who, if you are interested, plays at Ridgefield Playhouse in the Winter season (I think he has that a little screwed - CT in the winter, San Fran in the summer ?! beats me!

Little Miss and I decided to hang out on Haight Street when the boys were cartooning (yup, even Mr Beehive cannot resist the pull of Asterix!) amongst an array of colourful characters. We drank hot chocolate in the Red Victorian Bed and Breakfast, bought tie dye from shops on the street, chatted up people on the street cos they "had cute dogs"!! and entertained the passengers of the 71 line by her adaptation of the "rules"

No eating on the bus
No radios on the bus
No corn fires on the bus - it was a cigarette alight - pretty ingenious. Glad she said corn fires not weed or hash!!

Later, after we'd toured around a bakery, we met up with "da boys" and went on a sunset cruise of the bay. It has to be done! This was where she decided to become best buddies with Chris, the guitar man, who even gave her her own slot whereupon she serenaded with "the ABC song". He also sang some Beatles songs at her request, which cracked us up as she tried so hard to describe the songs she wanted by telling him they were sung by ants!

I guess the kid was pretty close!

So, as the vacation draws to a close, the life in the States draws to a close (sadly - god, that bit is sad!) Here are the remaining few photos of San Francisco:

Yes, yes, it's that picture!! Doesn't matter how many times you see it though, it is still pretty awesome!

San Francisco from just out in the bay.


Home to injuns............and three small Bees!

If you kiss a frog when you're on the water...........

Stupid expression, but you should see the one where my wig got away!!!

Happy Harry nearing sunset by the Golden Gate Bridge - which, isn't gold, but is a bridge!

Sunset. Pretty good end to five years of travel! Where next I wonder???