Monday, July 31, 2006

Raising Imaginative Children:

Today I. and I have been to the park with some friends. We had a lovely time, albeit somewhat short due to the incredible temperatures and our fear of frying our children despite copius amounts of factor 40+ - how HARD is it to get paraben free organic suncream for kids - why do Green People not trade over here!! Anyway, I digress, so our fun was somewhat short lived unfortunately. We then came home to nap and she arose an hour later to draw and dance - her words!! Which was good, because she was occupied at her easel whilst I prepared the evening meal for later!

Her vocab is increasing by the day and I am now ordered to "sit" or "go away" or "dance" with her (or not!). T has jumped on this bandwagon and has appointed himself "lord high english teacher". He will read to her and then gets her to repeat words after him - "ecoutez et repetez"!! On the way back from camp he was trying to teach her the colours which she was managing really well. I have to say, these moments make my heart melt. So I chose to engage in conversation with W and ask him about his day.

W is going through a very imaginative stage at the moment. He is kind of confused as to reality and imagination I think. I am not sure how to work with this, not wanting to supress his imagination, but equally wanting to know the real story sometimes - for example:
Me "what did you do in camp today?"
Him " well....." pauses to think and remove his fingers from his mouth " we went on a bus to the beach......we went surfing and I tried to catch a wave, but there were too many jellyfish with big tentacles so I couldn't do it."
Me "anything else?"
Him - pauses to think again........"I ate some crackers"

Oh well, to live such a simple life!

T and I at this point are progressing rather rapidly to three syllable words,
T " say butterfly I."
Me - "sweetheart, it might be better to stick to simple words right.........."interupted by
I "buggerfly"

OK! that told me!

In my sad life - no surfing, no A grade spelling bee, I saw a snake yesterday and managed to create quite a furore in R that it was funny! I shouted to everyone as I was closing the curtains that there was a snake! Okay, maybe I did shout it with some kind of urgence, but I was worried they would miss seeing it........R comes in (he has a mortal fear of snakes btw!) some what AFTER the urgency - to be told it was outside on the path. He thought it was in the house.....dare I tell him it was only about a foot long and the size of a large wax crayon? Nah, I think I will leave him for a while..........

Well, time to sign off, I want to see if I can get I to say "anti-dissestablishmentarianism" tonight before bed!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

He has a Harem!!!!!!!!!

It's official. He has been a very busy mouse. The traps were laid last night and then we settled back to watch "Munich". For those of you who haven't seen it, it is about a team of Israelis sent to track down and assassinate the Black September members responsible for the killings of the Israeli Olympic team in 1972. So as you can figure, it's set in the dark and the wet and lots of people and things get bits blown up and off......intersperse that with "crack" and the dog jumping up everytime and looking around........and you will get the picture - it's a looooong movie too! R bought a couple of sticky traps too, but we decided against those after our first critter was caught in it.
They are horrid - I mean, I appreciate, what we are doing isn't nice, but it is quick and it is over. These stick the mouse to the substance and then you have to watch and listen to it do a slow dance until eventually it dies of a heart attack. That was too much. We put that mouse outside and R said he would release it somehow with a spoon!!!!!! Well, it disappeared.........with the trap from our totally enclosed yard........

Oh well!

Happy Birthday to my nephew he is one today!
Have a fun party poppet, wish we could be there!!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Brazillian......

What a great afternoon! The heat has upped a notch but the humidity has remained pretty low for once! The boys have been having a whale of a time running through the sprinkler. I. wasn't so sure, I think she felt it was too close to being clean and showering, two of I.'s least favourite past times. As for me.....well, we were given the cost of I's ticket back from Mr Branson and his gang for cocking up last year on our move out here, so we have spent some of this on a hammock and stand kit. It is a large family Brazillian but we can skip the family's MINE, all MINE!! What a way to relax, swinging in my hammock under a tree..........

well, nearly, the problem is, the thing is so darned big and our garden is on a slope, the only place it goes is under the Hibiscus what is wrong with that one might ask? Nothing per se, except that Hibiscus flowers only live a day. After that day, they curl up into a large phalic shaped object and fall from the tree with some serious force - so it is pretty relaxing apart from the frequent missile attack from some half dead phalic object.

The other nice thing about MY large large hammock is that you can actually curl right up inside it and cover yourself so that it looks like noone is in it......get the picture!!!!

Everyone is now flaked out and vegging inside. Mr Mouse is going to be treated to peanut butter tonight, according to the man in the hardware store, it is harder for them to get out of the traps, so we have some new traps, especially designed for Mensa mice. I also have a nice new shiny lock on my pantry cupboard for I's benefit!! I suppose I ought to go and think about the kid's tea.......

Now where in the hell is R ???????????
Wearing Wellies and pantyliners:

?Why? you may ask has this title come about for today's entry? You don't know my daughter very well then if you even have to ask! It is only 8.35am over here and today already she has decided she is wearing half a box of pantyliners, her wellies and a doll's dress on her head, and earlier she had blue felt tip lips. We either need more locks or I have to do something about my own dress and make up skills because it worries me that children learn through copying (aagghh!).

I. has discovered the skill of opening locks. My maternal side is congratulating my 20 mth old daughter for her dexterity and intelligence at realising that standing on the outerside of the pantry is NOT going to achieve her goal of eating the contents on the innerside of the pantry.......hence a quick learning session and voila!

My non-maternal, I have to clear up this frickinfrackin' mess side is silently screaming at her capablilities. I don't wanna be clearing up weetabix whilst she is then in the dog food, all the while I am trying to think of ways to exterminate the mouse, who, by all accounts is the cleverest of the bloody lot of them! - On his tale - he can actually remove the cheese from the trap WITHOUT setting it off........but then, I think I would acquire this skill if I knew that I would be getting free weetabix and things dropped my way!

So, this skill (perfectly Montessori!!) has led her to opening our bathroom doors and cabinets - which are a joy - stickers!!!! Nice padded ones too. I think today's list of chores will include fortifying the lock situation, now where is I.?
I think she is wearing my post it notes!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Walk The Plank

AAgggghhhhhh!!! I am sooo frustrated this today! My client rang yesterday, after her appt with her OB. Everything is doing well, she is 2cm and softening, so her body is beginning this process naturally and nicely.

She isn't due until next weekend. However, she then tells me that her OB is booking her in for an INDUCTION on the Monday after she is due !!!!!!!!!! So, in my calmest voice I ask her why. Apparantly her doc is off on holiday on the Thursday - so THAT makes sense!!!!!! and also she needs to make sure there is a bed for her!!!!! Seriously, so if she went into labour naturally there WOULDN'T be a bed for her??? The thing is, that this isn't a one off either. My last client was induced. Her platelets had been low for a few weeks and her doc decided to induce her ON her due date "because of her platelet count". I laughed with R and said cynically that it was really cos he was probably going on holiday, because if her condition was THAT bad, they would have induced her when they first had a low count as the count hadn't deteriorated any more since then! ^&*(*&^ me, whilst she is pushing, he is telling us about his trip planned to Vt. in two days time! Seriously, he was lucky I was holding her leg, cos I would have socked him one!

This current client can't have an epidural because she has no coccyx and the anesthetist has said he won't perform one on her. Which is great in the grand scheme of things, but if they are going to pump her full of pitocin and induce her to ensure the doc gets her fee and goes off on holiday on time, she probably is going to end up having a c-section - there is certainly a MUCH higher chance.

The reason I am so frustrated is that MY hands are tied. I can't tell her what to do. I have informed her of her options and told her the pros and cons of it all, but the rest is down to her. I can't be seen to coerce her or influence her decision. I just have to sit on the side lines and watch it all unfold. I don't know what to do right now.

I am a doula to help women achieve the birth outcomes they desire. To ensure their needs are met and that they lower their chances of c-sections and epidurals etc. But I really feel I am fighting the system. I am so limited in what I can do, other than support my clients in their (bad?) choices with an open heart, when all the time inside I am screaming at their OB to give them time to go naturally or let them get up and move...........

I was talking with a dear friend yesterday about the same things. She has returned recently from the DONA (Doulas of North America)conference in Co. She is feeling the same. Perhaps our problems are, as doulas, we are not doing ENOUGH, or perhaps we are going down the wrong route. Perhaps we shouldn't BE doulas if we want to make a difference or be heard, perhaps we should be midwives? Or, even OB's. I so wish I knew what to do. That said, as a midwife in CT, my hands would be just as tied. I want to serve these women and help them discover that birth is amazing, it is hard, it is painful, but it is empowering and fantastic but they need to stand up and speak and be heard. Even when you are asked to be a doula for a client who appears to be taking responsiblity for her birth and is desperate for a natural birth, she is so easily pushed down by her OB when they press the right buttons or use the right (or not so right) language.

Any comments or thoughts are gratefully received it will save me finding another brick wall to bang my head on - which believe me, over here is actually pretty hard to find !!!!!

I am going to be speaking at our local organic store in a few weeks time - probably to an empty room lol!! but it might be a start.

Well, to other things - T is at a barbecue today and W has gone to camp dressed as a Pirate!! Tomorrow I think we might try to go somewhere. Friends of ours have mentioned Thimble Island, which is a boat ride out to an island in the Sound that used to be a pirate hideaway, mind you not sure I can cope with much more of W jumping out on my yelling "agrrrgh, walk the plank" - although today, I would quite happily oblige!!!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Muggles and Miximatosis:

Muggles and Miximatosis:

So the conversation of the morning is HP and whether or not we as mere muggles can grow back bones. I am inclined to say of course not, but I am sure those more medically advised than me will probably tell me that there is some small bone somewhere that can, much like a lizard's tail, grow back if it is broken off. This is the conversation we are having on the way to camp, when we see a small rabbit sitting in the road. I slow down to allow it the difficult decision of deciding whether or not to run to safety or run into me when I realise, it has probably already made this choice today and chose the latter. So, crazy woman that I am and having already pointed out the pretty bunny to I. and seeing the large garbage truck coming towards it, I make my decision of the day, to allow the bunny a third option: to die or survive peacefully under a hedge.
So, dressed in my pilates gear, I get out of the car, flag down the dustcart and ask him for his gloves!!!! Yup okay, so my accent gets me away with so much, but this is heading close to utter madness and may cross the line, but still, he gives me the gloves. I pick up Fluffy, who has a bleeding eye and place him/her well under a hedge off the road, give the truck driver back his, now bunnified, gloves (hope he doesn't have animal allergies) smile sweetly and the three other carts pulled up behind him and get back into my car feeling somewhat embarrassed.
Later this afternoon whilst driving past the same spot, I notice that Fluffy has now gone..........."mummy you saved him" - wow, muggle mummy the hero...................i didn't have the heart to tell them that is probably more likely that Fluffy became some other animals chains are another day!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Poop and planes:

So she has a lactose intolerance! The results of the jury (and by god I feel sorry for them!!) and I's diapers are a thumbs up for a dairy intolerance. This is somewhat amazing considering she hates milk. I suppose she eats a lot of yoghurt and cheese. I have been off to the organic store this afternoon to find these things made from soy........tbh, and apologies to those vegans amongst you, but eeeeuuuucchhh! The cheese moves!!!!!!! Seriously, it is the same consistency as really soggy tofu! Not sure if she will enjoy eating it, or just chasing it around her plate, still if it prevents me chasing the repercussions then so be it.

R has just mailed me on his "pac-man" to say that the plane is "broken" - WOW ! that is some terminology, I can hear it now:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are really sorry to announce that the plane is buggered! You lucky sods can now get off the plane (hee hee, we knew it was buggered before we got you on!) and go and eat a soggy muffin, which I hasten to add is FREE!! in the terminal building and we might think about informing you of an alternative flight about a minute before the "time's up" for having to refund your money...........oh and have a nice day!"

So, he won't be back to have a morning liason with my dear rodent pal and I am going to have to re examine my options for a lie in! I will keep you informed
Nocturnal visitations

I have been awake since 3.30am this morning!!!!! So forgive me if I am somewhat bleary. I am getting midnight visitors - and for once it isn't the children.
So, the wee small hours, no R to reassure me that it is my imagination (ha!) and I can hear loud rustling noises, not from beside my bed, which is where they were on Sunday, this time from the office! I sat there for a while not quite sure whether to use "scare tactics" which I had decided would be me leaping from my bed whilst turning on all the lights and roaring, or the more "brave approach" to creep into the office to try to catch the culprit in the act of...........well tbh, I have no idea, but he was certainly in my paper drawer, or was it the bin, I suppose he could have been anywhere considering he was only 5" and faster than me!

I decided on the latter - which was very brave in my barefeet (yes, I did have images of treading on it.......i know, i know!!). Hmmmm, I am sure he was thinking, "oh my god, hear comes another one, if she seriously thinks I can't hear her coming, she must be stupid" - needless to say, he is still on the loose!

So today, the question is, do I catch him humanely only for him to return, probably with his mate and put babies all over my office - eating through my paper drawer in the process to make a nest it the chop??

As for other things of far more importance - I have finally posted it! My doula qualifying work and case studies have gone to the board - am I going to be a certified doula now? I did have some trouble keeping within the word limits for the case studies, but it is now out of my hands.

My current client has not gone into labour - breathe a huge sigh of relief!! and R is home about the same time as the mouse will arrive tomorrow morning, so I guess I can be woken up then and be done with it!
Yawn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Okay, it has only taken me 2 1/2 years out of Blighty to get myself together and jump on the bandwagon of blogging! Not sure yet if this is gonna be a good idea or not, but here goes!!

So, our second New England summer and it seems that the UK is beating us hands down right now. We are in the early 80s today and the humidity is down but I am not filling my blog talking about the weather.

Dropped the kids off at camp this morning and am about to set off for pilates. Had to have a "discussion" with T yesterday about filching!!! hmmmm, I suppose we all did it, I remember nicking a flump ( remember those!!) from a shop when I was much older than him. He helped himself to a piece of lego from camp........still, we had a talk, the lego has been quietly replaced and all is done.

W had his birthday on Saturday. We were meant to be playing mini golf, only it got rained off, so we went to paint pots - aaaggghhh, 4 smalls in a pottery shop all deciding what to paint at different times - need to get that grey re-highlighted !! Still, he had fun, not sure his baseball pot looks much like a baseball anymore, more like a rather large chocolate blob, but it is all his own work and he is soooo proud.

R is away in Ca (Nappa to be precise - tough life!) and I am on call - so am actually sitting here in a state of minor panic that she may go into labour before tomorrow I am hoping that 2 weeks early is not in her game plan erk!

Hopefully I will get the hang of this bloggy lark.