Sunday, July 30, 2006

He has a Harem!!!!!!!!!

It's official. He has been a very busy mouse. The traps were laid last night and then we settled back to watch "Munich". For those of you who haven't seen it, it is about a team of Israelis sent to track down and assassinate the Black September members responsible for the killings of the Israeli Olympic team in 1972. So as you can figure, it's set in the dark and the wet and lots of people and things get bits blown up and off......intersperse that with "crack" and the dog jumping up everytime and looking around........and you will get the picture - it's a looooong movie too! R bought a couple of sticky traps too, but we decided against those after our first critter was caught in it.
They are horrid - I mean, I appreciate, what we are doing isn't nice, but it is quick and it is over. These stick the mouse to the substance and then you have to watch and listen to it do a slow dance until eventually it dies of a heart attack. That was too much. We put that mouse outside and R said he would release it somehow with a spoon!!!!!! Well, it disappeared.........with the trap from our totally enclosed yard........

Oh well!

Happy Birthday to my nephew he is one today!
Have a fun party poppet, wish we could be there!!!

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