Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well, Christmas is done and dusted for another twelve months and it's been a good one. I've really enjoyed hosting this year, far easier than shipping out and we've been particularly blessed with the snow (well, once everyone arrived safely!) and have been able to sled and really feel the spirit of the season along with a nice backdrop!

The end of the first decade of the noughties too!

It's been quite a ride since December 1999!

I am not one for setting resolutions for the New Year. It means I always fail in something within the first two weeks of a fresh year and why give myself the grief, but as 2009 draws to a close, I always, along with most of the blogging population I think, find myself reflecting on what they year has brought for us personally and for the extended community and what I'd love it to bring in 2010.

So, whilst I'm not intending on sharing my innermost thoughts with you at this point in time, reflect with me on the first ten years of this new millenium, what did it bring for you? where will you be in another ten years on the verge of January 2020?

Have a wonderful and happy New Year and I hope that 2010 brings what you wish for.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas coiffing

Christmas is a comin'
the goose is getting fat,
Please put a penny in the old man's hat!

I love this time of year.
I love the preparations and the carols and the decorations and the tears and the bickering and the upset and, did I mention tears?

We're having everyone to us this year and I'm very excited, as long as the weather can behave itself between now and then. For the first time ever we have snow in the run up to Christmas *sigh*.

Earlier this week LMB was in her first ever nativity. It was touch and go for a moment if she'd make the heavenly host or not, but sadly, she was relegated to the level of singing guest. She was just fine about that and I was just glad we got through the whole performance without any digital brain surgery being performed as she was on the front row!

I also love this time of year because it gives me an excuse to cook and create, and this weekend I've been making edible gifts. I've made bags of truffles and am in the process of making some marron glace.

It seemed a great idea when I saw "Pam the Jam" making them on Hugh Fearnly-Wearnly's Christmas cook-off, however, what they failed to inform us, the unsuspecting public, they take up to four days to make and peeling them...peeling chestnuts...have you ever done this? Well, apart from the fact that I can probably get away with armed robbery as I no longer posess fingerprints I can now see the appeal in buying the pre-peeled version. So basically if anyone says they don't like them, they'll be eating them through a straw *grrr*!!

(Look, the Himalayas!!!!! hee hee!)

What else? Well, I'm sporting a new wig...not exactly impressed with it right now. I decided to "try out" a new wig shop and went in to ask the young...young girl (you have to be older than 10 to cut hair right?) if she knew what Lulu's hair looked like...mistake number 1. Mistake number two was accepting that she had actually seen Twilight and knew what Alice's hair looked like (the closest modern Lulu I could think of). Odd thing was, despite not knowing Lulu, the end result was suprisingly Farrah Fawcett *eurgh*. So, I'm off back to my usual wiggery, picture in hand to get the real McCoy!

So, wishing you all a very merry Christmas, happy holidays and wonderful 2010, let it be peaceful and amazing for you all.

Oh and we're having turkey, not goose!