Life goals and wishes

Inspired by other friends' blogs, I have decided to write a list of goals as we no longer have country hopping to fill our time and goals.
  • Develop my writing to a point where I can semi retire from 'going out to work'.
  • Buy and renovate an old Landy 
  • Milk a cow and make cheese from the milk
  • Keep ducks and chickens
  • Refine our cider to a point where we could sell it
  • Make more time for my crafts
  • Grow as much as our own food as possible
  • Take a photography course
  • Take another silversmithing course
  • Spend 3 months on the road with our best pals touring the US
  • Sing jazz in public
  • Perform a solo with my clarinet (now I'm over 40...all the years before don't count)
  • Have a bath with candles once a month and make it a sanctuary for me.
  • Have a monthly declutter and be ruthless - less is more.
  • Join the gym and stick at it
  • Keep bees...and do it well!
  • Learn to spin on a spinning wheel
  • Sort out the summer house and make it a proper useful space
  • Build a proper picket fence around the beehives
  • Lay further paving at the allotment
  • Do a Masters degree in something related to women's health
  • Learn to put up shelves
  • Have afternoon tea at a posh hotel
  • Visit Vietnam and Cambodia

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