About Me

This is me. I am and have been at some point in my journey a musician, teacher, doula, midwife and writer. I'm a mum to three rapidly growing smalls and wife to a long suffering fantastic chap, they are known on here as Mr Beehive, Master Beehive the elder, Master Beehive the younger and Little Miss.

I started this blog back in 2005 when we were relocated to a little wooden cabin in the woods in New England. It was a way of keeping in contact with family and friends back home. We spent nearly 4.5 years over there and ripped our hearts out a little bit when we had to come home, via Scotland.

However, to soften the blow we have managed to acquire a very small amount of land and a lovely (if old, floody and leaky) stone cottage in Oxfordshire. We keep chickens, ducks and bees and have not only our land to harvest and grow on, but also have recently acquired an allotment (luckily situated next door...so a free extension if you like!)

The blog has now evolved through a whole raft of challenges, a temporary change of career, and now tends to chat about my crafts, running and the garden.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through the archives too to enjoy some of the fun we had as expats in our time in the old US of A.

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