Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Okay, it has only taken me 2 1/2 years out of Blighty to get myself together and jump on the bandwagon of blogging! Not sure yet if this is gonna be a good idea or not, but here goes!!

So, our second New England summer and it seems that the UK is beating us hands down right now. We are in the early 80s today and the humidity is down but I am not filling my blog talking about the weather.

Dropped the kids off at camp this morning and am about to set off for pilates. Had to have a "discussion" with T yesterday about filching!!! hmmmm, I suppose we all did it, I remember nicking a flump ( remember those!!) from a shop when I was much older than him. He helped himself to a piece of lego from camp........still, we had a talk, the lego has been quietly replaced and all is done.

W had his birthday on Saturday. We were meant to be playing mini golf, only it got rained off, so we went to paint pots - aaaggghhh, 4 smalls in a pottery shop all deciding what to paint at different times - need to get that grey re-highlighted !! Still, he had fun, not sure his baseball pot looks much like a baseball anymore, more like a rather large chocolate blob, but it is all his own work and he is soooo proud.

R is away in Ca (Nappa to be precise - tough life!) and I am on call - so am actually sitting here in a state of minor panic that she may go into labour before tomorrow I am hoping that 2 weeks early is not in her game plan erk!

Hopefully I will get the hang of this bloggy lark.


Freda said...

Hi chick, let me be the first to leave a comment on your blog. Great idea, but where do you get the time? Bye for now, xx

DoffDave said...

Hi, Rach, great stuff. Lovely to hear from you. Not too much warmer here (92 degrees F) but too much for a lot of folk. We are all well. Iona starting at ACS Egham end August! Can you believe it. Please give our love to Richard (when you see him) and the children and WE MUST MAKE A PLAN!!!! Lots of love from The Masons of Sunningdale.XXX

The Beehive said...

Hey Dave,
I was listening to you today in the car!! Brings back some fun memories of the Emerald Isle!!
And we WILL make a plan!