Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Nocturnal visitations

I have been awake since 3.30am this morning!!!!! So forgive me if I am somewhat bleary. I am getting midnight visitors - and for once it isn't the children.
So, the wee small hours, no R to reassure me that it is my imagination (ha!) and I can hear loud rustling noises, not from beside my bed, which is where they were on Sunday, this time from the office! I sat there for a while not quite sure whether to use "scare tactics" which I had decided would be me leaping from my bed whilst turning on all the lights and roaring, or the more "brave approach" to creep into the office to try to catch the culprit in the act of...........well tbh, I have no idea, but he was certainly in my paper drawer, or was it the bin, I suppose he could have been anywhere considering he was only 5" and faster than me!

I decided on the latter - which was very brave in my barefeet (yes, I did have images of treading on it.......i know, i know!!). Hmmmm, I am sure he was thinking, "oh my god, hear comes another one, if she seriously thinks I can't hear her coming, she must be stupid" - needless to say, he is still on the loose!

So today, the question is, do I catch him humanely only for him to return, probably with his mate and put babies all over my office - eating through my paper drawer in the process to make a nest it the chop??

As for other things of far more importance - I have finally posted it! My doula qualifying work and case studies have gone to the board - am I going to be a certified doula now? I did have some trouble keeping within the word limits for the case studies, but it is now out of my hands.

My current client has not gone into labour - breathe a huge sigh of relief!! and R is home about the same time as the mouse will arrive tomorrow morning, so I guess I can be woken up then and be done with it!
Yawn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Freda said...

Can't you catch him? I'm sure the children would love a new pet? Good luck with the delivery and your Doula certification. Speak soon x x