Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wearing Wellies and pantyliners:

?Why? you may ask has this title come about for today's entry? You don't know my daughter very well then if you even have to ask! It is only 8.35am over here and today already she has decided she is wearing half a box of pantyliners, her wellies and a doll's dress on her head, and earlier she had blue felt tip lips. We either need more locks or I have to do something about my own dress and make up skills because it worries me that children learn through copying (aagghh!).

I. has discovered the skill of opening locks. My maternal side is congratulating my 20 mth old daughter for her dexterity and intelligence at realising that standing on the outerside of the pantry is NOT going to achieve her goal of eating the contents on the innerside of the pantry.......hence a quick learning session and voila!

My non-maternal, I have to clear up this frickinfrackin' mess side is silently screaming at her capablilities. I don't wanna be clearing up weetabix whilst she is then in the dog food, all the while I am trying to think of ways to exterminate the mouse, who, by all accounts is the cleverest of the bloody lot of them! - On his tale - he can actually remove the cheese from the trap WITHOUT setting it off........but then, I think I would acquire this skill if I knew that I would be getting free weetabix and things dropped my way!

So, this skill (perfectly Montessori!!) has led her to opening our bathroom doors and cabinets - which are a joy - stickers!!!! Nice padded ones too. I think today's list of chores will include fortifying the lock situation, now where is I.?
I think she is wearing my post it notes!

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