Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Poop and planes:

So she has a lactose intolerance! The results of the jury (and by god I feel sorry for them!!) and I's diapers are a thumbs up for a dairy intolerance. This is somewhat amazing considering she hates milk. I suppose she eats a lot of yoghurt and cheese. I have been off to the organic store this afternoon to find these things made from soy........tbh, and apologies to those vegans amongst you, but eeeeuuuucchhh! The cheese moves!!!!!!! Seriously, it is the same consistency as really soggy tofu! Not sure if she will enjoy eating it, or just chasing it around her plate, still if it prevents me chasing the repercussions then so be it.

R has just mailed me on his "pac-man" to say that the plane is "broken" - WOW ! that is some terminology, I can hear it now:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are really sorry to announce that the plane is buggered! You lucky sods can now get off the plane (hee hee, we knew it was buggered before we got you on!) and go and eat a soggy muffin, which I hasten to add is FREE!! in the terminal building and we might think about informing you of an alternative flight about a minute before the "time's up" for having to refund your money...........oh and have a nice day!"

So, he won't be back to have a morning liason with my dear rodent pal and I am going to have to re examine my options for a lie in! I will keep you informed

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