Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Extra Terrestrial fittings

I've a house full today. My niece is currently having a jollibob with us, we picked her up after our whirlwind tour of the South last week. All's well (albeit I'll probably speak too soon) we've Barbie going on in one room and Scaletrix in the other (I'm very proud of myself for setting it up, minus Mr Beehive!)In the utility room I've shut a whining dog who is feeling sorry for himself that he's not allowed to escape and sniff the crotches of the random youths I have wandering around muttering stuff like "do you have a box?" "where's the attic?" and other technicalities that make my blood run cold (the luddite in me!). Red is also very cross that he has to sit in with the washing machine on full, something he hates so much that he'll bring his dinner in to eat on the kitchen floor one biscuit at a time if it's running at dinner time! The random youths (although the one that's deffo over 60 will be please he's hit the random youths category!) are fitting satellite stuff, so they'll soon realise that I'm as much use as a chocolate teapot and will stop with all the stupid questions ;-))

Whilst this is all going on, I'm trying to get holiday washing done, clear up exploded elderflower champagne from the garage floor, plant two apple trees and force my rhubarb with a cloche to see if something might come of the stump that promised rhubarb on the tag, finish the big boyo's trousers and the little lady's dress and find where the fook I left my sanity.....wonder if it's in the attic?!

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