Friday, March 19, 2010

And the result is....

Well, after a nailbiting few weeks since the interviews I have been offered a conditional place at Northampton. I just have to pass my biology GCSE with a grade C or higher. So pressure is now on!
I am still waiting on Bedford's answer, which should come either just before or just after Easter Weekend.

I'm thrilled to bits though to finally see the door opening for me to follow this dream.

So in the eye of this high I decided that I'd run the 10K with my sister on May 2nd WTF!? I'm running for Tommy's charity this time. Mad dogs and Englishmen and all that.

It's also been mother's day this week. I had a lovely lie in - of ten minutes - I could hear the banter downstairs, so gave in and went to sort out. My family have a wonderful way of telling me they want me to lie in, but then being so darned loud and argumentative between them that I end up having to get up to sort it out! Still, the basket of plants was beautiful as was the coffee in bed, made for me by Mr Beehive the younger and the lovely cards made by Little Miss Beehive. Thank you my darlings and it's the best thing I could ever be, your mama! xxx

This week I'm expecting my friend from the US and her son for a few days. I'm very excited. She's never been to Scotland and has a "loose" itinerary that includes a rather large radius of Edinburgh, but I guess that comes from being American and not thinking anything of driving 200 miles in a day! I envisage many castles, lots of "old" stuff in Edinburgh (a few ghostie things I think!) a lot of Highland cattle and a Loch or two oh and a wee dram or two !!

Well, back to the revision...


pansy said...

Of course you were offered a place - if not, your Mum would have been up there telling them what I think of the lot of them!Well done you. Have you got the coloured watch yet? Say 'Hi' to Betsy for me. Hope you have a great time together.

Digz said...

Congratulations that is great news.