Monday, May 31, 2010

Mrs Brady, old lady!

Girlie weekend! Yahay! Who needs SATC2?

Had a fab weekend with my best friend who flew in on Thursday afternoon and we boogied the night away on Saturday at a dinner-dance at the Signet Library in the city.

Sunday was a bad recovery day - not due to large alcohol consumption, but due to the fact that I'd perhaps got a little over enthusiastic on the dance floor and now my dicky hip is playing me the repercussions! Couple that with the fact that earlier in the day we'd decided to hit the town to shop and by 11am I was ready to go home because I had had enough of pushing through crowds, makes me decrepit and creaking - must up the fish oil intake!

I'd love to be able to maintain the enthusiasm for Saturday morning shopping that I had when I was 20 odd - yeah, this is where the SATC similarity ends with a bump!

The cantankerous biddy in me grumbles at the shoppers who chat in the doorways, the families out shopping with their 15 children in tow who trip you up and just have to shop on Saturdays with all of them and the serious lack of cashiers on the checkouts despite the fact that Saturday must be the busiest shopping day.

I really think I need to be locked away at home until I've had my blue rinse and purchased a walking stick - it'll all be justifiable then - no?

Of course, today I'm back to earth with a crash.

A beautiful day outside - been lousy all over the weekend - and I've got my last exam to revise for - grrr... although keeping that cup half full, books are transferable, once it warms up, I'll take the revision into the garden.

Just like this....

Also got a new toy this weekend. An exceedingly early Christmas present. So, here are a few results from the weekend!


Bug on my bush ;-) - anyone any idea?


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Anonymous said...

the bug on the leaf is a lily beetle - KILL IT - it will eat everything and anything!