Sunday, March 04, 2012


I have had a wonderful weekend.
Last July I was lucky enough to be asked to be birth partner for my friend Emma. She was kind enough to treat me to a wonderful present that truly touched my heart. The thought she had put into it means so much.

I have just spent a weekend silver jewellery making and what a brilliant weekend it was too.

We learned how to bend, twist, cut, pierce, punch, anneal, pickle. It's not a cheap hobby as it requres a plethora of tools and obviously, silver itself isn't cheap. However, the results you get are amazing. The freedom to design something that truly suits you and you can afford, is very rewarding.

There were obviously some very experienced silversmiths who attended who had designed pieces of incredibly intricacy and some who had the imagination and creativity of my friend Saskia, who always makes amazing, off the cuff stuff. My stuff was a little tame in comparison, but heck, I love it and I'll wear it and now I've got the bug for silversmithing too - so I'll try to look out for some more courses from time to time so that I get a bit more experience.

But I won't bore you, suffice to say...roll on retirement when I can get a little shed at the bottom of the garden and set up there.

I also made a ring and two pairs of earrings.

Note: The pictures are temporary until I get time tomorrow evening to re do them with my camera rather than my phone!

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Blissful Mama said...

So glad you enjoyed your weekend - your jewellery looks fab too xxx