Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Herbs and Happiness

I lied! I'm sorry. It appears that there is always space for a bit more bounty in the garden, particularly some interesting herbs.

Red valerian

Clary Sage


Some extra lettuce, some leeks and some more peppers...of course!

Today I'm revelling in a great literature review mark and the fact I passed that blessed exam I took back in April. Herbs and happiness - what's not to like?


Blissful Mama said...

They look beautiful! I am jealous of your Echinacea as I tried to grow that a couple of times and never managed to get to the flowering stage. That Pulsatilla is an amazing flower.

I love the colours

Oh for a bigger garden...

I hope you have time to sit and enjoy a glass of wine in your beautiful space

The Beehive said...

Oh, I will confess, mine aren't flowering yet as I only planted them yesterday, so these are blatantly nicked from da web, thank you to others ;-) However, I did get my pink echinacea to flower well last year, so bought another this year, in red. I hope that this will do the same. Now what I need to do is learn how to use them properly medicinally and then my garden will be completely useful. x

Blissful Mama said...

Well that's good to know! I was feeling quite inadequate, thinking thta you were an amazing photographer with an advanced garden! (In additiong to that, you seem to find 36hours in every day!)

Hardly anything is flowering in my garden yet! Roll on summer!

Blissful Mama said...

and you can type, unlike me it seems!