Monday, December 03, 2012


Just a quick update on life in the Beehive.
We are feeling a little like the Borrowers at the moment - only we are the family living upstairs!

It appears - due to Mr Beehive's diligence and perseverance rather than any help from the Water board, that the issue was caused by a Storm drain that was blocked. This then caused a backup of water that of course found our well as the only escape route - that in turn was then bulging to capacity and presumably spilling out into any possible areas, and that may be over the top of our damp proofing and in under the floorboards in the den and flooding out onto the lower level hall and lounge.

So where does that leave us:

after many nights of worry and potential costs building and thoughts of neighbourhood wars, as one thought we had had was that our neighbours had recently pneumatic drilled up their cement front garden and could they have cracked a pipe. They aren't planning on staying, they buy, renovate and move on, would they want this issue, would they care...oh it's amazing what you can think at 2am.

Fortunately (there are great reasons to being married to a man with a law degree!) Mr Beehive had all our drains checked out and they were clear and now we knew one pipe ran under next door before heading to the storm drain. So, he checked out liability etc and apparently since 1st October 2011, if a drain that feeds to a sewer (storm drain - not private drain off your roof to a soakaway), runs under more than one property then it is the responsibility of the water board, even if that storm drain is on private land! So, hooray!

As it happens, the water board this time, once Mr Beehive told them that the storm drain had caused a flood in our living area, were out like a shot - 20 minutes after being called on the phone - I mean...bloody hell, you can't even get fast food that fast!

They confirmed what we thought - however, they were not going to completely hold up their hands, no, apparently as the storm drain in question is on the road - it 'may' be the Highways agency's responsiblity - so watch this space as I fear this could be a niggle between them both for a few more weeks yet.

The rest of it is much as it was - black, smelly, just a shell.

Things are moving slowly.
A skip is coming on Wednesday to take away the destroyed wood and furniture and carpets.
Loss adjusters have agreed to all of it, but not settled - so we have to see what happens there.

Still, after falling down the last four steps on Sunday afternoon and having a damn good cry, I feel more up beat this week and am even taking the kids and Mr Beehive to the German Christmas market in Brum at the weekend - The Gluwein might still kick some Christmas spirit in me yet!

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Blissful Mama said...

Pleased to hear that you are starting to feel better. Great that the insurance is going to cover it all too. Have a fabulous weekend