Sunday, February 10, 2013

Panettone leftovers

Sundays for us now I'm working again, are really precious. Most days since the New year we have spent taking a longish hike between courses of our Sunday roast and then at around 4, settling down to watch a family movie together with the wood burner kicking out heat.

Today, however, it really is pouring and we are doubtful we will make our hike this afternoon, so I have a few moments more to jump on and post a quick recipe for a delicious adaptation on a chocolate bread and butter pudding.

Thanks to the flood this November, items I bought in slowly for us to use at Christmas when we were hosting got forgotten about in the back of a cupboard as we had to go elsewhere for Christmas.
Yesterday I noticed a Chocolate and Orange panettone and decided to have a go making something for Sunday lunch from it.

So, here is a recipe to share with you all, it is calorific and delicious, true Winter Sunday comfort food, but ho hum...once the sun starts to shine again I will get out and run it off and the hikes will continue, but for now:

Italian Black Cherry Chocolate Pudding.

You will need:

1 Panettone
Chocolate spread
300mls cream
1tsp vanilla extract
1 large egg

I used a chocolate and orange panettone.
Slice it into medium slices, not to thick
Spread a light layer of chocolate spread over each piece and cut into quarters.
Grease a long oval ovenproof dish with a layer of butter and lay your first set of quarters into it, just as you would a bread and butter pudding.
Take a tin of cherries, make sure they are stoned, and pour them and the juice over the first layer of the panettone.
Then repeat the layering of another round of bread.
Next take around 300mls of double cream and pour it into a jug, beat in an egg and a teaspoon of vanilla extract.
Pour the mixture over the bread and put into a 180c oven for around 20mins.

You will notice I haven't used any sugar because I am not using normal savoury bread, the panettone is already a sweetened and it contains chocolate chips, there is also sweetness from the cherry juice and the chocolate spread.

Serve with either custard or a creme fraiche.

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