Monday, August 05, 2013

Tree love

It's been a day of crops and trees.
We drove to St Albans today and ordered a couple of wonderful looking Himalayan Birches for the garden.
Later in the day we also had our cherry in the front pruned quite drastically. It's not been pruned since we bought the house some three years ago, so it looks somewhat dandy after it's haircut and far more in proportion.

Sadly though Mr Beehive and I have become wood sluts over the years. He, because he likes to smoke using different woods. Each wood has it's own delicate flavour on the various meats or foods he smokes. I, because I rather like taking my knife to green wood and having a little whittling session with Master Beehive the younger. So they left a fantastic pile of the off cuts. I then sorted through some of it to find some gems to work with.

Finally I went out to water the tomatoes to find we are now, quite literally, invaded in the greenhouse.

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