Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The camera never lies...if it has good lens on it that is!

It's been a while...again.

I am becoming increasingly sporadic as the years pass and am trying hard to decipher why that is?

I think it is a primarily work eating into not only my hours, but also dampening my creativity. I can't remember the last time I got out my sewing machine or even sat to knit. Reports and lesson planning seems to be my past time of choice at the moment (although there is always some necessary house/farm-type chore to deal with). Blogging seems to get a real back seat as I can't find the inspiration on quite such a regular basis, nor can I muster the energy to focus my brain to write!

Sad as that may sound, it doesn't mean I'm NOT dousing my brain in creative things or dreaming about what I could write about if I had the time to think it through!!

This weekend was all about creativity. My dear sister gave me a voucher for a photography course for my birthday.
I had a selection of opportunities from night work to street photography or editing, however, I decided it really was time to hit my camera head on, take her of auto mode and finally figure out what ISO, aperture and shutter speed really meant to my photography.

I'll now step back with the easy option and let the pictures tell the story (it was London Marathon day btw). Hopefully they'll show a developmental progression from Sunday to this afternoon (with an added addition of a Nifty Fifty lens ie: a 50mm f1 - 1.8 Nikon lens as a little bargainalicious treat to myself!)

One of my favourite inspiring marathon motivational signs!

Run you extreme elites!!! Only not too fast because I may not have got to the end of my course to figure out how to do a great 'movement' shot or decided what the aperture should be!!

Messing about in the park with lighting and bursts on my zoom lens.

I really like this effect above, but it does make me feel a little sea sick!

 vortex effect! 

Messing about back home in the fading sun with changing the aperture and shutter speed.

 I love this series of three, watch the bee come in to land. This was with the new 'nifty fifty'.

Finally a few other Nifty Fifty shots of 'the English countryside'

For my next course, aside from some 'street photography' which might be grand, I think I need to work on editing.

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