Sunday, June 17, 2007

Painting the Piano an odd shade!

I am officially barking!

Not only am I now writing two blogs, this weekend I decided to paint the playroom - yes, like that, on a whim!!

I am a true Airean through and through - I get an idea and then I have to carry it out to the death - but often halfway through, I get bored and poor Mr Beehive is left to pick up the remnants. I am one who seeks instant gratification!!!!!! Which in many ways is a great attribute, I am always on the go, have eternal energy and love to be involved with stuff. Poor Mr Beehive, on the otherhand, is now learning to Lazure and knit lol!

Still, the playroom looks fun and funky - I went for colour (it was a dirty shade of white with Little Miss Beehives handywork adorning it!) - pinks through to purples, deepening down the wall - it worked out pretty well. Master Beehive the elder was not too keen in the first instant when I reported that.......god forbid.......the woman had chosen PINK for the playroom - all that GERL stuff! There was a small element of sanity behind my choice and that was based on the colour choice being representative of the function of the room.

You know the story - red stimulates, therefore should be used in a room that requires discussion, conversation etc such as a dining room, green induces a sense of calm and tranquility so is best for bedrooms. Black, on the other hand, is enclosing and repressive and white is stark and empty. I was in need of something that was warm and calming but inspired imagination and play, so reading a little of Steiner's thoughts on colour and children and why they choose pinks for the younger years - here we are!!

So wassup at the Beehive then?

School is now OUT for the summer - 13 weeks ladies and gents - yes, you did read that right, it isn't a typo - all though I wish it were!! Still, I think we have a pretty action packed few months lined up. Not sure where I am going to fit in writing or grocery shopping, but that is a minor worry.

Today Master Beehive the elder did his first ever piano recital: Peasant Dance, Russian Sleigh Ride and Betty and Bill! Some 20 pupils of the same teacher were all performing three pieces. We were breathing a sigh of relief to find his performance allegedly close to the top - Little Miss Beehive was not up for a concert this afternoon and by the time she had announced in a wonderfully good accoustic recital hall (after her second bribe of a chocolate chip cookie!) " I NEED TO GO PEE PEE!" in the middle of some poor kid's debut, I decided to flounce, with her in tow - unfortunately this all turned out to be a lie! The lad didn't perform until somewhere near the middle of the 1hr 45 minute concert!!!!!!!!! However, he played well and made us dutifully proud of him. I had to laugh though, at the times that my poor parents must had gone through this nerve wracking experience of taking me to my latest showcase, only to bite their nails to the quick in case I forgot the trills or refrain!!!! Fortunately for Little Master Beehive, he has none of this to contend to, he only need to get to the end.....................I just wish he would do it a little S-L-O-W-E-R!!!

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