Saturday, August 02, 2008

Grey and Gloomy clouds

One weekend each year I am allowed to indulge myself in my inner hippy and go to our local Glastonbury. One weekend each feckin' year it pisses it down with so much rain that II really DO get to experience Glastonbury. Ooh, same weekend EVERY YEAR!!! in AUGUST!

So, DH has buggered off to the UK this weekend, house viewing, leaving me with les sprogletts to take to the festival. I invite a good mate who also has small one of Little Miss's age and we are all geared up with our Radio flyer wagon full of food (!) for our day at the fest, a day of manic dancing to bands we have no clue about with people who are probably young enough to be our kids!!! Normally we camp, but this year decided to go for the day as we have always been rained out in the tent.

We lasted half an hour before there was the biggest thunderstorm ever, the sky erupted, marquees started to float the music was cancelled due to the potential death element from the lightening!!

We stuck it out for three hours, bribing the kids with ice creams then called it a day.

Got home to find the dog has an anal fissure - yup, brown sludge everywhere and he can't stop licking it.This is now 7pm at night on a weekend and I have to take him to the emergency $100 per second clinic to get tablets and feckin horrid collar for the poor lamb to stop him licking his arse off before Monday, when she'll put him under and drain it.

Our local pizza place has now started taking orders on line and last time Mr Beehive ordered this way t'was a success, so at 5pm, I order pizza for the kids, only for it not to arrive, ring up pissed, cos kids are hungry and melting down and we still have the vets to get through. I get told that they only just got the order, they are sorry, but the orders have to go through headquarters .......IN CALIFORNIA!!! Cancel order as they tell me they'll probably be there within the hour!!?? So have to go out to get pizza on the way home too.

After the vets and pizza pick up we get home only for me to find one of kids has played around with the buttons in the feckin car (it's new!) and now none of the interior lights go off when the car is locked. It takes me another half an hour in the rain to work out what they've done.

Eventually get the kids into bed aroudn 8.30, sit down to watch tv and finish Little Miss's sweater coat only to lose it with the pattern which is poorly written and cannot work out the buttonholing. TV proves to be just as worthless so decide to go and talk to the dog for company.

Poor dog, can't cope with the collar, won't lie down, won't sit, won't eat, won't go out and pee, just stands hanging his head, when he isn't banging into everything around him and freaking himself out, so.......... I folded and took it off him for the night so he can at least sleep!

Why does all this only happen when the old fella is AWAY????!!!

Oh and Mr Beehive has gone to buy the house of our dreams only to discover that some arsehole blokey who already has three houses and wants to buy this same house TO RENT OUT, is also in the bidding. We want the bugger to live in, HE just wants another income - life tonight ain't fair! Does he really NEED to purchase another family home, a place or several in the village school and a wonderful family garden just to rent it out to a nice couple who may not give a shit about it? (I'm a renter and I do care about my house, but I am not going to invest money in it or spend hours in the garden when I will eventually move away from it!), wouldn't a nice townhouse suffice??? And I have even chosen names for my chickens!!! See those sour grapes on the vine!!

Oh and finally just to add more salt to the wound, another friend who works for the singer of Deep Banana Blackout, rang me later from the festival to say she'd managed to get me a VIP ticket if I could get a babysitter and get back!!???!!

Okay, miserable rant over! Tomorrow is a better day (I hope!)

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Schrack Attack said...

wow, what an ordeal! I can sympathize with you on the dog butt gross. Hope the following day was better for you.