Thursday, July 31, 2008


Well wos' the goin's on down in the Beehive eh?

Summer has been shooting past like a TVR this year. We've done numerous things and I have been so behind with my blogging and suffering from an addled, heat ridden brain that I can't remember the half of it in the fantastic detail it deserved when we were doing it. Suffice to say we've travelled to mexico and the Cape,
caught frogs in ponds,
made jams until they came out of our ears,
picked our veggies, that have just come into bloom so we have cucumbers, beans, onions and lettuce so far,
swum in the sea and learned to Boogie board,
sold a house, unsold the same house and then resold it again (fingers and legs crossed it remains that way),
had playdates,
eaten WHAY too much ice cream and basically indulged in all the things that make it summer what it should be.

This weekend, we are over half way through, in fact our friends in the UK have been off for their first week and this normally signals the halfway point for our summer time.

Mr Beehive is taking a quite literally, flying visit, to the UK to look at a home we have found that appears, on paper, to be our dream home. It has the character, updated look AND land that we have been searching for for the last year AND it is within budget?

The downside to this is that I am going to brave The Vibes this year without him. I have managed to rope in my unsuspecting friend and her two smalls so we are going to hang out, re-live our youth and be free and groovy for a day..........well as free and groovy as you can be the wrong side of 35 and with five kids in tow in a wagon!! Fortunately i did have the common sense this year (after our previous years' disasters!) to not opt to camp this year - breath out!

Finally I must let you in on how much my children love and appreciate me - yes, this is an unadulturated brag:
Yesterday morning I sat Master Beehive the younger on my knee for a first thing in the morning cuddle. He is always so snuggly at that time. Do not repeat this anyfurther (and this has to go on my list of things you thought you would never do before children!), I put my face in his tousled mop and sniffed his hair - mmmmmm, honey, delicious~!!

"Mmmm, you smell of honey sweetie" I crooned

"You, don't" he replied still snuggled in tight...
"you smell of onions!"

Tell it like it is babe, tell it like it is!

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