Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

We've had a snow day here today, so we decided to work on our display of Washington board. Whenever we come back from places the boys have tons of tickets and leaflets and a few postcards that we put into their scrap books. The books are looking really impressive now as we started them when we arrived in the US and have been fairly good at keeping them up. We have all the places we've visited, Arizona, Cape Cod, Mexico, Canada etc. This time, we decided this time to do a board as well to go in our school room in the new house in Edinburgh, to remind us of our times here.
I was in charge of "the glue stick" and the boys were in charge of concept, design, layout and production (I always manage to get the menial tasks ho hum!)

I love how Master Beehive the younger has spelt "Air and Space"

Master Beehive the Elder decided it was imperative to write at least half a page on being a spy!
Little Miss Beehive and I chose to make bread for lunch and at the same time experiment with some Rye and make a pumpernikel. Unfortunately it came out a little solid so we might build an igloo with it later this afternoon! The bread for lunch was tasty enough though! Not to worry, just a few more weeks and I will be back in the company of my breadmaker!!!

The snow that fell today has been totally fantastic for sledding. It has a thin layer of ice over the top so the sled course has run the whole length of the garden!

Oh and of course, eating snowflakes, which were, by this point, more like rain.

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Kath said...

My youngest is soooooo envious of your snow. The last snow we had consisted of about eight flakes, all of which she ate, and then it disappeared again. It was a very sad sight indeed.

Love your Washington board. Have made a mental note to do the Spy museum next time I get there.