Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sponsor my tush!

Despite playing host to the leurgy today, I'm intending to run the Race For Life in Edinburgh in June this year - it's a long way off lol!!It is in aid of Cancer Research. It's a charity I have been a long time supporter of and affects one in four people everyday.

It's a small thing I feel I can do for something that can have such a devastating impact on people's lives and families. Since living in the States, Mr Beehive and I have had several friends and colleagues affected by this tragic potential killer and for that reason, it's time to get my lardarseup and moving.
So please sponsor me, either because you support the cause or because you'd like to see me with a firmer and smaller tush - either way, I don't care!! No donation is too small, and if you feel you'd like to do similar yourself, please go to to find the closest one to you.

If any of my dear American friends would like to contribute, I will be happy to lighten you of your dollars but am not sure if the race for life link will allow you to sponsor me in dollars, in which case, mypaypal account might be better for this, you can contact me personally or leave a note at the bottom of my blog. You can click the link below to send your kind donations directly to my fundraising page.
Thank you all so much.

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