Sunday, February 08, 2009

The great thaw of 2009!

Well that's the end of week one. We've marked a whole week off our chart, now only 6 more until we see Daddy again!~

What have we done this week? That's a good question. Mostly hunkered down in front of the fire, trying to shake off the shivers and aches, watched most of the Harry Potter films and the little Miss has learned she can move one eye without the other *sigh*!! Everytime I need to be serious or stern with her, she looks at me and moves her eyes independently with a big grin on her face. How can I stay mithering?!! Not to mention know which eye I am actually directing my disdain toward, accompanied by:

"I can seeeeee you mama...........there's two mamas" think Jack Nicholson with blond pigtails!

(or not if you'd rather!!)

...... she's hysterically funny, and she knows it too!

The leurgy started with the Little Miss last Monday, she was off Monday, Master Beehive joined her Tuesday (and there was a snow afternoon). He was off Tuesday and by Wednesday it'd brought me to my knees along with Master Beehive the younger (HE hadn't brought me to my knees, the leurgy had - well, at that point anyway, the first point happened by about 4.55pm!).

LMB was back in by Thursday as was Master Beehive the younger, however, he lasted 2 hours (I'd obviously misread his illness which had been mysteriously disguised as the running-around-the-house-like-crazy-kalooha-the-day-before symptoms!) oops *1 badmummy point. So I kept him off on Friday despite my hunch that he was really okay now - and picked up his work that he needed to finish from school mwahahahaha!!!

Today, Sunday, Master Beehive the elder has had a sleepover. What a delight! Normally I hear cringing stories about sleepovers that make me want to avoid them until the kids are at least 40! Stories of crying, homesickness, late nights (or rather very very early mornings!) too much sugar, too much noise, too much - agghhh. Well, this is the second sleepover we've had here, different children, one for each boy......they were asleep by 10pm and even allowed me to make a phone call this morning and enjoy my morning coffee without surfacing! And the manners!!! "Fank oo Mrs Patterson, yis Mrs Patterson, fanks Mrs Patterson!" *aaaahhhh* I think we'll do this more often!!!

Finally, for those of you with snow......remember this........what is wonderful and beautiful to start with......ends in slush and water, loooooooooots of water. You will find buried, that which was on the ground two months previous.

Today, I am going turd fishing! The dog poo I missed before the snow fell, then the ice, then the rain, then the ice, then the snow......oh and then the snow.........has finally drifted to the surface with the thaw.

Now, I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to need to wade knee deep in canine sewerage? Would one of the kid's rock pool nets do it, or am I going to need serious block and tackle. My fear is the fall out if I scoop the schmuck in a net- will it be like trying to seive a chocolate mousse? I've tried a spade in the past and that's just found me racing around the yard after a lump or two, cursing loudly and I'm probably likely to slip on the piles waiting for collection, which doesn't put pretty pictures in my head right now.'s a real doggy doo dilemma - I'm sure archeologists didn't have this problem after the ice age!

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