Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The final countdown

Doesn't that title make you want to release your hair and start banging your head around? Problem is, I had actually a completely different song in my head with a different tune, only couldn't remember the name of it.......or any of the lyrics, so.........Europe it is! It makes for hard googling when the only help you can come up with is "la la, la la la la"
Well I suppose it's pretty apt coming from where we're coming and .........well, going where we're going!!

I love nights where you just put the world to rights. Tonight a friend and I put the world to rights over cold pizza, the wrong salad and beers out of a Sigrid Olsen bag! Not bad eh for a pair of middle aged thirty somethings with staaaaaaayle? Shame we couldn't have put the salad right, warmed the pizza and not drunk as much as we did, but.........well, these things are best left alone n'est pas?

We are in week six before we leave week, which is seeing yet more children off school, this time, to coin a phrase, with "attics and basements" - delightful for those of you contemplating lunch or dinner. I did actually make it out of the house yesterday for nearly a complete day, on my own, without children, however, it appears today that I was to pay penance with a yakker in one toilet and a squitter on the other! I think I really p******d off the guy in the white suit somehow.

Our airshipment, which left our home on January 30th, has just, yes, JUST, left the USA. It has been sitting, uselessly, in a warehouse in Jersey, doing.........well, nothing really for the past 11 days. No one saw fit to let us know this, Mr Beehive has had to go out and purchase the items (cutlery, pans, linen etc) needed from the airshipment, hence the fact they actually were in the airshipment in the first place..........oh well for customer service. I wonder if our pizza had been sitting in the same warehouse in Jersey? Wouldn't surprise me in the least! Anyhoo, Mr Beehive has been turning up the heat and being quite a tiger in his approach. I saw disgruntled words in an email this evening that made my hair stand on end!! I suppose the moral is, never get between a man and his milk pan or bottle opener!

Mother of the Beehive comes out tomorrow (hopefully) I don't think I got her destination wrong when I booked her ticket mwahhahaha! The children are all desperate to see her and have a year's worth of games and puzzles to keep her amused. I, on the otherhand have a year's worth of eyebrow waxes, massages, coffee shops and bookshops to amuse me - and her I hope!

Well, it is 11.18pm - that's well and truly past my bedtime, it's a weekday and I am fueled with good convo, bad pizza and excellent vino. Tomorrow is.......well, another day........so, with that I bid you a good night!

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