Saturday, February 28, 2009

The one with the large spanner, the works and some interesting word play!

Agh! 6 inches of snow are forecast for Monday - that could mean no school. It could mean no school and no packers. It could mean no school, no packers and no clear route to take doggy to respite for the week. More likely it will mean no school, no clear route to take doggy and ........packers arriving! That's about the half of it at the moment!

So today we've cleared out most of the electrical equipment, been to get the small Beehives' haircut and by 3.30 we decided to share a movie and some copporn (according to Little Miss Beehive!).

Ah well, with the "minor stresses" in our life right now, some copporn might be just what the doc ordered, alright officer??

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