Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nuts in August

Summer’s nearly over and I am getting desperate for sunshine!! Friends are returning from sunny Spain and my sister is packing for France...bleugh. San Francisco looked great in the throes of snow in March - but now...pah!

Mr Beehive has just informed me he’s squirreling away airmiles and has enough to fly him and I first class to Oz (...and back again – sadly!!) but as we can’t possibly go there for less than three weeks and can’t expect to off load the sproglets onto unsuspecting grandparents for that long, we have decided we’re going to try to use them to get back “home” for a while next summer.

We hope to take three weeks and fly into JFK, hire a car to drive up to CT and catch up with as many friends as we can, then fly down to Florida for a couple of weeks. Ideally we’d like to hang out on one of the Keys and then “do” Disney world (that’s not my idea I’ll hasten to add!) for a couple of days before flying back to this godforsaken windswept craggy outcrop!

I have no idea where we'll stay or where is best to go or if Disneyworld will make me mummy of the year or just rapidly decrease my life expectancy.

Other than that... The master Beehives are learning guitar, LMB has now taken up modern jazz as well as balllllaaaaay which is making her more of a drama llama than she already was – but it’s sweet! I’m house hunting in Oxfordshire ready to drag everyone back down South as soon as I possibly can. Edinburgh is a wonderful city, but it’d be more wonderful if it was in….say, Spain?!

It’s just so windy! I had my hair cut off last week – yup – can you believe it! Five years in the growing, it's down my back and I get it hacked off because it’s continually being fished out of my nose or other people’s ears because the wind is so….well, windy really! I can’t even put up an umbrella when it rains because it’s blown inside out in seconds!

Still, culturally it’s an amazing place and we’ve not even touched the sides of Scotland yet (literally for me!) Mr Beehive zooms up to Perth and Moray and the Highlands frequently in search of whisky and a peaty bog (well so he has me believe) and other "man-drinks" – all under the guise that it’s work. I, however, have been here since we arrived in April, bar a wet night in the Lake District with LMB, some incredibly noisy badgers (that's not a metaphor either!) and a lot of mud.

Home education has proven very fruitful but exhausting and each one of my darlings is back off to school in two weeks time to which I will be a touch relieved. Three children who have been in each others pockets since March every day…I’m surprised I’ve not been committed and can string two words together still. From that point I'll hopefully find more time to knuckle down to the Montessori training as I need to organise observations etc and write more.

One of Master Beehive's school friends came out a couple of weeks back, for a fleeting glimpse into the land where men wear kilts and people eat sheep innards with porridge and whisky for breakfast. I think he enjoyed himself albeit it was too short. We’re hoping for other visitors in October and at Spring Bank ;-)

I’ll leave you with a reason why the Scots are known as “tough nuts” and be warned, it isn’t the weather!

Bet I know his reaction on seeing this photo...

"Ach! Bollocks!"


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