Monday, September 28, 2009

Logorrhea is not a sexually transmitted disease!

Dahhhhhhhhling! It's been so long.......again!

So as a writer - (you see I can actually call myself that officially now as I am published and holding a pay cheque!! See issue number 31 of The Green Parent magazine) I have come to discover that not only can we suffer from the dreaded writer's block, but we can also suffer from the equally as appalling writer's cacoethes loquendi (you'll have to google that one ;-)

So much has happened since I last posted that quite honestly don't know how to put it down on paper, or should that read screen!

I suppose it started about six weeks ago when I last left you. I was awaiting a visit from my best friend where my dust was going to be secretly inspected for quality and quantity!

However, fate took over the week and spoiled it by our poor dog having to be put to sleep. I am not going to go into it all again as it's still raw, suffice to say, we were all devastated.

Oh, then we lost our house sale again...third time!

So, we've been sitting in the doldrums for a few weeks, however, things are picking up now with us having tentatively sold the house...again and we are now the new owners of a wee beauty called Meggie who, although isn't replacing our Red, has a wonderful charm and is helping us all heal (me particularly)

I also got my cheque for my article, have put two books in the post to two different publishers (I expect rejection letters - but hey ho I'm currently under the illusion of that bugger called confidence!) and have taught my first antenatal course in Edinburgh since arriving.

But, all this boring everyday adult stuff aside, life is far more traumatic for a child. The other evening I went upstairs to read LMB her bedtime story only to discover her sat on the floor, buck naked, in tears, head hanging.

"What's up?"

"I.." cue large sniffing session "...look!"

I look to where she is pointing to discover a really, ickle, pickle dot on her lady area...front foo whatever you may desire to name it...

"I..." cue more sniffing and amdram, ".....have a.......... SPOT!" *falls in a complete heap, sobbing*

This morning she has come to terms with her freckle and peace currently reigns.

God help me when she hits puberty!

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pansy said...

And this is one lady who wants to live long enough to be able to sit back and laugh when it happens! Justice will finally be done after all the ans=gst of your teenage years!