Sunday, January 31, 2010

The week in photos

Squirrel theft!

Durty Dawgs!



has become these for LMB to put inside her boots when we walk to school.

and of course, no young lady is quite complete without sporting a headband with felt flower which I made up from a practice band of cable I'd been working on - waste not want not and all that! My sister now wants one in black!

The cardigan just needs sleeves. Next project is to finish the front of Master Beehive the elder's sweater and decide if I have enough time to knit sleeves before he grows out of it, or if it might be better as a tank top ;-)
Then I want to start on a baby cardigan for a friend having a baby in April.

What else? Hmmm, well, since reading The Red Tent, I've suddenly become anxious about the fact that storytelling is an important part of discovering who we are. I've bought a book for my parents as a start, to ask them to fill it in to pass onto the grandchildren. I know my maternal grandmother actually started to write a book about her life and I realise how little I know about them. She used to tell us all the time, but when you're a child or teenager, you don't always take it in. Now she's gone and I'm anxious to hear her story, so my challenge over the next few months is to track down her notes (which I think went to my aunt when my grandmother died) and see if I can have a copy to read. Perhaps this is middle age, or maybe middle age is Mr Beehive, who is now "in" the crate with Meggie, apologising to her for him squirting the "no bark" this morning and her taking the hump with him ROFL!


pansy said...

What a fantastic hat! You will have to take orders for these. Maybe it is the cute model that makes it look extra special. Hope Richard didn't stay in the crate too long!

Digz said...

I have been feeling a bit like you recently but haven't read the The Red Tent. I have copied forms out of a family tree book and passed them all on to various relations. Your so right that we don't listen when we are younger and then it is too late.

Oh and I just love the Durty Dawgs! pic.