Friday, January 08, 2010

Young face and old soul.

I wish I could get warm. My toes are frozen when I'm waiting for the children after school!

My midwifery interview was cancelled for today and rearranged to the end of Feb. Selfishly I was fed up about this as I'd done all the preparation and felt I was as current as I could be and on top of it all. I'm nervous that five weeks later I'll have gone off the boil. Still, it was a good decision for them to make really considering the snow is so bad everywhere and the interviewers need to get in and candidates need to travel.

So, instead, I am at home this weekend, in the warm where, really it doesn't matter if it snows again as we have central heating and enough food to feed an army in the freezer. We have fresh water and blankets, we don't need to go anywhere.

Some people don't have that choice. I am saddened when I read about the suffering, particularly of the elderly at this time of year, that they're having to make choices as to whether or not to eat or put on the heating? Where they're too scared to go out because the paths are not gritted, they get no visitors for days on end. Does anyone remember the lad last year who was arrested for gritting his elderly neighbours path and drive with council grit *sigh*.
Little Miss Beehive spent her Friday sweet money on a sandwich today! She then proceeded to give it to the homeless lady sat on 5 inches of snow and a few layers of cardboard outside the store. Now, my feet were cold in my expensive boots, so goodness knows how she was feeling. I was very proud of dd I must say. It made me sit up a bit and think and I'm going to remember to try and do one good deed for someone each day for the next month. It was an easy forfeit for LMB but made a lovely difference for that lady. I urge you to do the same. If you live next to an elderly, infirm, heavily pregnant person or just someone that you could offer a hand to, perhaps you could check if they have all they need and if not, offer to loan, buy or help?

I'm not normally one for sanctimonious postings, but my five year old daughter has woken me up to myself today so I'm passing on her spirit.

Stay warm x

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