Friday, February 26, 2010

New Toy!

Did I tell you I've got a new toy?

Mmmmm, a Janome 8077! Early Birthday present from Mr Beehive.

So, as you can probably imagine, I've been busy.

Pair of summer pyjamas for the Little Miss (un hemmed at this point!). Amy Butler daisy chain fabric. I'm really pleased with the outcome, but the shorts could've used a few extra mm's around the butt!

This is a knitting bag for a friend of mine. I've lined it with a vintage rose fabric and it's fastened with a wooden button. It is long enough to take the longest needles and a current WIP or two.

This was an experiment in PUL. I'd wanted to do a lunch bag for myself (although someone already has her beady eye on it!) and had a spare remnant of Amy Butler fabric which I thought I'd use. So it's padded and lined with PUL so it's wipe clean with a padded handle. It'll happily take sandwiches some fruit and a drink.

A pair of checked baggies for my nephew with a couple of pockets for him to put his finds in. These were originally for Master Beehive the younger, but whilst I was sewing and he was at school, he grew! That'll teach me to make a pattern up from a pair of his existing baggies that he's obviously grown out of. He was showing a 1/4 inch of ankle out of the bottom sadly. Luckily there's a 4 year old who'll appreciate them (well, his mum will !!)

Next on the card I'm pimping a pair of my jeans and then I've had a delivery of a lot of pale baby blue and some chocolate brown needlecord. I'm thinking a cord pinafore dress for LMB with a cute applique dragonfly or something on the front. I've also got a friend having a baby, so I may have another attempt at a kimono top, I'll have a rummage in my stash box.

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pansy said...

Maybe I shouldn't have taken you on that sewing course after all! Apologise to Mr Beehive for me. Love the outfits.