Sunday, April 10, 2011

Farewell to Bonny Scotland!

Wheeeeeeeew, and pause!

Move week this week and we're working like crazy things.

It's been a week of good byes for the mini's and for me. This has meant that the eldest Beehive has had friends sleeping over and coming for lunch and calling round to take him off to play footie etc. On Friday lunchtime I had 8 children for lunch, amongst which were a vegetarian, a vegephobe, a food-a-phobe and 3 pre-teens with permanently bottomless pits. Of course, with moving, I'm running the fridge down, I've not done a big shop this week, so  there was a menu of olives, 6 low fat wraps, cheese, 3 fishfingers from the freezer floor, ketchup and a pack of tortilla chips. Bizarrely for kids, this didn't pose a problem and between them they managed to work out what they wanted and sufficiently fill their bellies!
Pre-teens eating and drinking what ever odds and sods they could find!

Yesterday  we then saw off the mini Beehives on the train with the teenager, they're off to my mum's for the week so that we don't accidentally pack them in a box.

We've had somewhat of a rough last few days, poor Master Beehive the younger has been up and down with a fever. However, midst all of this he's been determined for this to not interupt his last few days at school. He had a fun run on Thursday in which he wanted to wear the Big Ben creation. So we have been feeding him lots of Elderflower tea, Echinacea, giving him baths and rest and resorting to a bit of Calpol, particularly in the evening, to lower his temperature. Luckily, it seemed to pay off and a couple of bad days and he's back to his bouncy self - my mum isn't going to thank me for that!
Big Ben - look how ashen he is, poor lamb!

We're moving Mr Beehive into his temporary accomodation, which is a bit like the return of student digs. He's renting a one bedroomed place for during the week and will be flying down to us at weekends until his contract ends up here. Hopefully we won't be apart for too long.

It's funny, I worked out that I have moved 16 times since leaving home at 18 - a gypsy through and through, but I am no better at it now than I was then, perhaps I am more experienced, but I just have more stuff now. We have been brutal, but we have a lot of sentimental things that remind us of our travels and life in various places, so it's not quite as easy as it used to be to just fling it all into a couple of cardboard boxes.

Of course, this weekend it is glorious and warm, 22degrees C outside and everyone is lying out in The Meadows, except us. We're discovering colonies of oompa loompas under LMB's bed; preventing the reproduction of a gazillion more dust bunnies behind wardrobes and cupboards and cleaning carpets etc. Not fun, but needs must.

Hopefully we will be all packed and loaded by Wednesday and unloaded and unpack by Friday, but if anyone has a way of disposing of flying pigs and rose tinted spectacles, please let me know!


Emma said...

I say keep the flying pigs and rose tinted spectacles - they'll really help! Though should you be finished with them by next Monday, I'll happily take them off your hands!

Digz said...

I'm no better at the packing thing either and like you I always feel I should have mastered it now. I'm starting to think it will never change and I'm sure there are a few more moves left in this year alone!

Hopefully for you that will be it for a while.