Tuesday, May 03, 2011

We're in!

What a fortnight, but we're finally in.
I won't bore you with the details of extraneous packing info, suffice to say, they did manage it all in 5 days and we finished (bar the garage which holds the dregs) in another 5.

Now we're settling into village life, which has a current great pace to it. I'm getting used to having to think in advance as to what we actually need and doing it all in one run into the town (makes me sound like I live on an island in the Hebrides!) as there isn't a cash point or even a shop in the village, however, it does mean that the boys can just walk to the park to play footie with their school friends as they have already done.

I've been working like Barbara Good on prozac on the garden in order to ensure we have some crops for the summer and believe you and me, it's not only done wonders for the garden, but my trousers are falling off, so there must be something to be said for the waist line too.

The living room is currently under dust sheets and the accompanying inch of dust whilst Andy, our local builder and registered fire fitter is in fitting our new woodburner. There is much excitement for this to be in as not only will it help reduce our bills as we can lower the heating in the winter, but it will also neaten and increase the size of (very slightly), the lounge.

Over the next few months we have plans to put PV panels on the house and an air flow system in the roof, move the tank up there too to enable us to have a shower put in the main bathroom (and a re organisation to make the most of the space in there), we are having a carpet put in the living room once Andy has gone and I'm taking a rotavator to a patch on the front garden that, much as I'm adoring the "wild" look at the moment, I'm beginning to see more dandelions and couch grass than I am bluebells and aquilegia.

We have a wonderful hiding place under an enormous 50ft conifer and its friends that the is some persuasion by the PV guys to cut down, but I am fighting that one as it seems the perfect place to hide and have a den and, let's be honest, every child needs a den!! So I'm going to make a sign out of a piece of wood from the bequeathed pile in the garage that states it's a "secret garden" and all the spoilsports and their solar panels can make do with the rest of the sky!

So, I thought I'd give you a quick tour so you can see how we've progressed:

I have now put up the fruit cages over my currants, gooseberries and blueberries. I've removed the shrub, slightly hidden from view in the middle left of the picture and that's now allowed me two more raspberries and a third that I found hidden under some unkempt thyme.

LMB's room, saved by the 25 year old cabin bed that has been residing mournfully in my parents' loft! I think I've done them as much a service by lightening their beams than they have done enabling LMB to have space in her room.

I do have other photos to show you, but unfortunately Blogger is refusing to cooperate with my upload, so you'll have to wait with baited breath for the next batch.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like that dog is giving the cat a good seeing to.