Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Take a walk with me...

Complete, at last! Painted, carpeted and fire has been used. Well Mr Beehive and I were determined to try it out so we were sat (almost) with the windows open last Saturday evening reaping the benefits. It's a ferocious little beast and we're chuffed to bits with it. I can't lay my finger quite on what adjective it seems to bring to me about the room now, but it seems...neater? more spacious? more delicious? I don't know, I just know I love it!

The next project is the bathroom.

I have been revising this week so haven't got anything too much to tell other than I went to visit our newest family member on Tuesday. Her name is Pip and she lives on a farm at the moment. I won't reveal more than that right now, suffice to say that she doesn't need milking, she won't provide meat or eggs but she will provide love...

I thought I'd take you for a walk through my garden today as it's a nice day.

I've been sneaking away from revision every now and then to do a bit more. My biggest challenge is the patch at the front that has been suffocated under couch grass.

There are literally thousands of bulbs underneath which have been planned with the seasons in mind. So far we've seen snowdrops, acconites, tulips, bluebells, daffs. There are also a couple of old heritage English roses that I am so loathed to take out. However, the whole area is wild.

So I've decided that, rather than trying to fight and tame this, I will leave it wild and so am just adding to it rather than taking away. I've been looking up various natural and wild flowers that I can plant that are native to the area and that will attract wildlife and am currently growing cornflowers, delphiniums, calendula, hollyhocks and some bleeding hearths and many others in the garage ready to plant out in a few weeks. So:


Yummy gooseberries on their way...lots of jam and fool this year!

Ox-eye daisy
Oops! Forgot to add this in. My new border courtesy of Mr Beehive. We're attempting to try to hide the leftovers from the pond extraction ie: breeze blocks and crumbly bits! Hopefully my clematis will grow over much of it and then I'll just plant annuals in the bed itself.

I also have some links for you today.

I wish I had the patience and time to make this:
 I love the old beach chairs that seem to be coming back en vogue, I keep coveting several on ebay now and then!

I'm also coveting these tiles which sadly come in at around 20 pounds per tile *shocked*, so I need to look further for something similar but cheaper for the bathroom!

I was intending to have a go at doing this with my strawberries, but never got around to it. Maybe next time I plant some.

I have indulged in this from Katie's mercantile in the US. There is something really Little House about it and I also love the practicality. I now don't have the excuse to not make fresh bread every day and sweep the floor with a besom broom ;-)

Here's some music I've just been pointed towards - a little mellow for a midweek mooch

And just to finish, I so wish I could crochet, not to mention speak fluent Dutch ;-) I think I'd have no excuse to ride my bike if I had one of these - life would be so complete, hey?


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pansy said...

Just love the look of the lounge. It looks so much bigger! xx