Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finding time

I shouldn't be here!

No, really! Read that as I really should. not. be. here.

I have an exam tomorrow and really should be revising, but...sometimes things go in more if they are soaked into an open soul rather than force fed, so, that is my philosophy right now. I am finding time to just soak in some of the things that I am loving right now in my home, some of the corners and objects that make me smile. Then I will go back to the uterus and the pelvis refreshed - promise - just let me spill my brain here first because in order to remain me, I need to remember I love to take photos and I love to write too -non-midwifery stuff is fun as well!

Three of my five girlies. They are all free ranging now and look so much better for it, alas, the garden doesn't so much, however, I think that we can organise it so that they can range all year and we can build up the sides of the raised beds and cover them.
The photo of Mrs Miggins is not exactly world class, but I just love how it shows her really curious expression. She always comes rushing to greet me, cocks her head to one side as if she's giving me a real once over! Now I need to teach them that they stay outside and the utility room is NOT their domain!

For Christmas my mum sewed this gorgeous little diary cover for LMB. I was so unbelievably in awe of it, I had to find one of my own. You have to love Folksy. Just look at this beautiful crotched version of the same. It covers my midwifery reflective diary. Now LMB and I can both write in our beautiful diaries.

I also found these beauties on  Folksy the other day too. Now I can enjoy my coffee upstairs in my leather armchair, sitting looking out at my girls in the garden in a beautiful pottery mug. I have a thing at the moment for stoneware.

Finally, in my lovely kitchen there is a huge vat of chestnut and celery soup simmering on the stove for dinner this evening, with fresh bread. Life is sweet - well, it will be at 4pm tomorrow!


pansy said...

And you think I am coming to look after my darling grandchildren when those feathered "things" might come into the utility room? No way!! They will not be free range if I am there! Lovely photos though. xx

Valerie said...

Hiya, I enjoy reading your blog. I really wanted to be a midwife myself, I was trained as an ENR many moons ago. I went back on project 2000 to train up as an RGN but I became ill and had to give it up. I wish you all the luck in the world, what a fantastic career. As an aside, did you watch 'Call the midwife' on BBC, I thought it was brilliant.

The Beehive said...

Hi Valerie,
thanks for your comment.
I did watch Call the Midwife and really enjoyed it! Not sure about the glass enema tube though! Bit scary - glad we don't have to do that anymore!


Valerie said...

Yes, with you on that one lol