Thursday, May 03, 2012


Why, hello grey skies and rain again!
May and we are still midst a drought and hosepipe ban and yet the rain pours. It is the wrong type of rain! Of course, you didn't know there was a right type did you?
Just two images taken by reporters from The Guardian this week:

Apparently, if this rain had fallen during the winter months, it would have filled the reservoirs, however, as it is falling now, during spring, all the lush vegetation is greedily using it up! I'm sure that the farmers and families whose land and homes are flooded right now are agreeing wholeheartedly with this concept *sigh* !

The British and their weather, no wonder we all understand irony!

However, I am happy for one thing, well, for three really; firstly my greenhouse was installed on Tuesday, so I don't much mind about the rain as it's not going to stop me getting out there to grow things now. I actually frighten myself at times how I am turning into the epitome of the person I never thought I'd be when I was a teenager. How on earth can a greenhouse fill me with so much excitement and love, but it does! As soon as I get my tomato plants from my mum I will take a few photos.

Secondly I had an unexpected day off yesterday. Of course, I could have been dutiful and used it scrap that, I did! I jumped on a train with my camera in tow and went to Camden Lock for the day. To be fair, not much photography took place as I spent so much time wandering and looking and people watching (and a wee bit of buying *guilt*) that the camera stayed in my bag! I must have walked around 10 miles round and around the market at the lock. I ate Lebanese sheshwara for lunch and drank Arabic coffee at one of the vendor's stalls and bought some lovely little gifts and clothing - my soul was truly refreshed.

Oh and the third thing...I nearly forgot; breakfast!
At breakfast this morning I was awarded a double yolker to go with my spinach and oatcakes - Obviously my girls don't mind the rain too much.

Today I'm back to the grindstone - next essay - off we go!

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