Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer time and the livin' is easy...

So the challenge is set to make sure that we use all the summer crops this year, however little or abundant they might be.
First up we have beetroot which has already found a regular place in our Sunday roasts. The remainder will be picked for roast lamb or hams later in the season.

Second up are the courgettes - we have had a magnificent bounty of courgettes this year. Again, we have eaten the small ones as we have gone along, but then we have also been treated to one or two large ones and several more small ones so I have pickled them too.

Peppers - now, these, strictly aren't from our garden but from our riverford box that we get. We seem to have received a lot, so I am using a recipe from the internet to try a pepper relish.

Lastly odds and sods. Amanda, from Soulemama, inspired me here as she obviously lives in the same world as I do and all planning of meals seems to make a rapid exit into the sunset during the summer. I too tend to have hungry mouths all asking me 'what's for dinner' from around 5pm onwards and it takes until then for me to even 'think' about the evening meal, so I am learning to be spontaneous and make a quick and easy meal with lack of planning, using what we have in the garden and in the store cupboard that day:
courgette, eggs, chard, pepper, onion....

Oh potatoes - of course - always LOTS of potatoes each night!

Omelette of course!

Our summer is flying by, we have done swimming lessons, been to our dear friend, Arthur's Christening, travelled overseas, played outside with water, played outside in the rain, been to the theatre in London, bickered, laughed, cried and laughed until we've cried and we still have much more to do. We have friends coming to stay, cousins coming to stay and grandparents to visit.

I love the summer time, despite the typical British weather!

How is your summer so far?

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pansy said...

Well I am so glad you do not have carrots, as that will be something different to help feed the hordes here! We have bought a new freezer to make sure we can have enough food to feed the growing lads. Love all your produce xx