Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm not counting the hours...honestly!

It's funny, or is it, that, for the most part of the summer holidays the children are busy, busy, they have made so many plans for the things they want to do. They seem to get on brilliantly, they play together for hours. The final week, however, requires the patience of a saint and I know I'm not alone having spoken with most friends to discover they feel the same:

You want to poke your eyes with a stick rather than hear the youngest squeal in discontent (increasing in pitch and decibels by the day) and frustration at her siblings who get delight through their boredom, by teasing her;

You want to put balls of burning wax in your ears rather than being told how 'so and so is doing so and so to so and so'...for the umpteenth time so that you can't actually remember who committed the crime this time around - King Solomon I am not by the end of August;

You want to swim in shark infested water rather than fall over anymore shoes, coats, toys, Ipods, socks (dirty AND odd).

You would rather have lunch with a family of skunks than hear the word 'Muuuuuuuum' one more time followed by 'can I have...can I watch...can I eat, can I....'

Yet you love them to bits and you love the summer holidays with the last week - particularly when it's rained so much this summer and outside has become a bit of a distant memory!

They are ready for some time apart in the day. My fridge needs a rest...I really don't understand how they manage a 'whole morning' without a snack, on just a bowl of cereal and some toast, when they're at school, but at home it's three bowls at least, then they're, sorry...'staaaaaaaaaaarving' by 10am and my fridge gets whiplash not knowing whether it's open or shut, the Wednesday shopping all eaten by Thursday morning!

Of course, when the going gets just get more kids in...8 on Tuesday and 5 today *sigh* - it's meant to work apparently!

Still, in the few minutes where they do actually play together well (or ignore each other successfully) I have managed to pickle a whole load of surplus veg and make some yummy lemon curd.

We've seen lots of friends and celebrated fortieth birthdays, entered (and won) at the village flower show, had barbecues (dodging the rain) and been to the beach...well, okay, we saw the beach both times from a distance due to the rain.

Now as the new term begins and my new journey begins I think we're ready to see autumn move in to greet us, year, can we 'please' have a proper summer with some sun. That's all!

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pansy said...

Obviously things don't change too much over the passing years then! PLEASE can I have a jar of that delicious looking lemon curd and some mincemeat. Would you like some windfall pears to add to it all? xx