Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter greetings

So, this is the moment we have all been waiting for...for FOUR months. We are finally complete, weeeeelll, nearly finally complete. We are complete in so far as the wallpaper and lights in the den will be done tomorrow morning and my sister and her children will arrive tomorrow afternoon. There is nothing like cutting it fine of course!

Weeks into renovations
Complete looking towards the fireplace.

Complete looking towards the hall!

This is the hall with the flood, after the initial clear up and then the final finish.


Mess and dark wood
Similar angle with the new lightened beams and white paintwork, fresh flooring...loving it!

I'm thrilled. The beams make the whole place look so much brighter and lighter. The pictures don't do it ANY justice whatsoever, so those of you who know us will just have to come to see it for yourselves.

Now our renovations are turned towards the path and the drainage and ensuring that the well is alarmed and pumped so that we don't flood again.

We are currently on Easter holidays and are looking forward to the arrival of the cousins tomorrow (the way that the children are acting at the moment I'm not sure if it's the arrival of the Kings in all honesty!).
I've managed to get a bit of work done in the garden; I've put in two new apple trees (a Discovery and a James Grieve), both bare root, so just in time. I also put in two more blackcurrant bushes and three loganberry bushes. Two of the kids planted up the first of our pink fir apple potatoes in buckets before we realised we'd only get three potatoes per bucket and need to drill holes in a few more. Luckily we found another six in the shed for Mr Beehive to get his drill into tomorrow morning.
Later this afternoon we went over to Baytree Cottage  where the children took part in some Easter baking. We learned to make hot cross buns and the kids made biscuits and easter nests.
Tomorrow I expect it'll be a cleaning day, making me a Hot Cross Bunny!

Have a Happy Easter!

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Blissful Mama said...

Looks fabulous - congratulations

Pleased you get to have Easter at your house after Christmas was relocated

Happy Easter