Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nearly there...

So, we're in and 'nearly there'! I say nearly because we're still waiting on the beams to be lightened and there's still some furniture shifting to do as the other room that was flooded isn't completed yet, but heck...the fact we're even IN this room now is a massive achievement in itself four months after the dreaded event! Look back at previous posts and you'll see the change!

We're curtain and blind-less as well and there are no pictures up as yet but do you like it? I love it. It's lighter and cleaner (in terms of no nasty artexy walls) than before. We've changed the radiators to these cool dark ones and have new stained wood skirting to try to get a more natural feel to the room. We've also opted for a red colour sofa instead of the chocolate brown we had last time, again to warm up the room.
The dogs have found their homes probably can't see that they actually have a bed to the left under the rad, but they both prefer the fireplace!

In other news Mr Beehive and I managed to wangle a brief evening to go to a gig...and on a school night too tut tut! The very cool and amazing Grace Potter and the Nocturnals were on a European tour with the Avett Brothers and luckily for us, made a last minute call to run a night just for themselves at the Bush Theatre. It was fabulous. Again, luckily for us I'm not sure GP is that well known over this side of the pond yet, so there couldn't have been more than 150 people in the audience. The Bush Theatre is a small venue so it made it very up close and personal, although, showing my age, it took me until the weekend to recover from the lack of sleep!
The awesome Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
The groupies!

Outside we're progressing slowly as the weather is holding us back on our usual 'farm' business at this time of year. I've had course after course for the last five weekends, so therefore I've had only one day weekends which hasn't helped. But the weather..oh the weather? The rain really hasn't stopped since last September in all honesty. This time last year was 'the day that we don't talk much about' in terms of big birthdays and it was glorious. The sun was so hot that we were in sundresses and sat out until 9pm with the chiminea burning. This year it is even too cold to start the seeds off in the green house yet as I don't have a propagator or heating. I managed to leap out early this morning amidst the drizzle in order to prepare the bed for the beans and brassicas. I came in for coffee and when i looked out was snowing!!!!!
Mr Beehive, however, continued to dig over the area for the new fruit bushes.
I can only hope that this disastrous beginning means that the summer will be wonderful and plentiful in terms of crops and sun.

As for the three stooges, they've been dressing up for comic relief! How red can you go?

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Blissful Mama said...

So pleased that you are back in the lounge, and I love the red sofa!