Sunday, April 21, 2013

A message to my son

My boy,
you have reached a new milestone in your life, you have become a teenager.
I don't know where the last 13 years have gone. They have flown by and what you have achieved in your 13 years!
My first born son, you took us all by surprise soon after our wedding! I can remember the day you decided you were on your way, we ate LOTS of cheese sandwiches on the ward at the hospital. Your Aunty and Uncle came to see me when I was in labour.
You did decide to take your time and it was 48 hours before you finally decided to come and meet us.
Smiley baby! Happy baby!
You never cease to amaze us with your maturity and your abilities.
You've done so much from the Montessori schools in Belgium and America to the school you are at now; your tae kwon do achievements, the fact you are enjoying being a scout, your desire to participate in your school musicals.
We are so proud of you.
Don't rush the next years of your life, they will be some of the best.
We look forward to watching you grow, seeing you make choices that will determine the direction your life path takes.
Thank you for choosing us as your parents.
Mum and Dad

HAPPY 13th!!!

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Blissful Mama said...

Happy Birthday from us too!