Sunday, April 14, 2013

Life in the village

There is a ball of yellow in the sky which lasted for a good portion of the morning yesterday and today.
It's quite a rare phenomenon. It could be a sign of Spring.
My cherry blossom would care to argue the toss at the moment as her buds are still tightly furled and shut and each weekend I look out of the window and casually say..."I think this might be the week" and then it's not, BUT, there was the yellow ball and temperatures rose to a whole 18 degrees C.

Rhubarb is looking pink and happy.
I toyed with the idea of making my bean pole trellis but inspiration evaded me.

Aeneas thinks she is a cat and won't go to bed at night until she has had a cuddle.
I am known in the village as 'The Egg Lady'...I suppose it could be worse...I could be the crazy cat lady...only, I guess I would need to own a cat first! This is the law according to the man I know as 'The Black Lab man' who buys my eggs.

The Dexter cows are back.
Across the road, there are a herd of around 8 or 9 black and one unusual brown shade. My mornings are now greeted by the lowing from these beautiful beasts.
The weird-platform-swimming- pool-structure-thing is now gone and Mr Beehive and smaller Beehives have chopped it up (well most of it) into useful lumps of firewood.
Of course this doesn't go without a Sunday morning disaster with Mr Beehive leaving the steel capped boots he owns in his car, to favour a pair of cheap and flimsy crocs which are FAR better for standing on a three inch nail in!

Dinner with friends on Saturday night - a wonderful night and I am lucky enough to be spending Friday night this week with my girlie-friends again whilst we attempt to make some Italian desserts on a course! Fortunately it is not my turn for the next dinner party, so I won't be expected to have mastered Gelato or Zabaglione (I think I need to spell it first!).

My beehives have arrived!
I will be doing my first course next week and after that I will be knowledgeable enough to open the packs and look at the beehives! Until then they must wait for me.
I will paint them 'Bluebell Blue' and they will take up residence in the orchard.
Maybe I will be closer to being known by my real name.

So, that is life in the village this week really.

Have a lovely week and I'll be back next weekend with photos of Tiramisu, Beehives and a Birthday teenager!

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