Friday, May 03, 2013

Death on a Friday

Such is the life of living in the country with animals but last night we lost our first chicken to a fox. Sadly it was one of the beautiful blue Aracaunas that we hatched from an egg.
She and her sister roost up the tree, we have tried and tried to get them in the house at night, but they just don't like it, therefore, we feel that we should let nature take its course. Unfortunately Mother nature reminded us last night that she has control of everything and the silly bird obviously came down early in the dawn on the wrong side of the fence to a waiting foxy.

I suppose I should be grateful that we have had chickens for nearly three years now and not lost one yet to a fox, however, the little bugger (foxy that is) also decided to leave us all the feathers on the front door step and had obviously sat and eaten her under the magnolia tree ontop of a pile of my daffodils, so we now have a nice fox shaped flat reminder on the front flower bed - gah!

It is hard to lose an animal whether it's a chicken or another pet, it's also hard to explain to a small girl who has named them all, that one of them has met a sticky end.
LMB was quite upset over breakfast, so we tried to explain to her that it was all a huge cycle of life and that 'Millie' would now be back as food for her friends to eat so the cycle would continue.
Interestingly all LMB was interested in was whether or not Foxy would choke on Millie's leg ring. I have a feeling that sadistically, she kinda hoped he would!

RIP Millie :-(

'Custer's last stand' or at least her last roosting post up in that tree on the INSIDE of the fence.

Damn I'll miss those blue eggs!

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