Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gratitude * Sunday

What I've felt grateful for this week:

  • The depth of beautiful colours that are now continually blooming and changing through the garden.
  • The occasional sunny day that lifts my spirits tremendously.
  • A fabulous sweet pea climbing support that I found in an antique basement on Friday and compliments my garden incredibly.
  • Our loyal customers for the eggs who continue to support us and pushed us past our second loss of two more hens this week and the nanosecond stab of doubt in my mind as to whether we should keep going. Also, included in this, is my darling husband who has spent most of his weekend up a ladder trying to install some kind of Fox krypton factor and slicing himself on wire ends!
  • Boots, walks, fields and fabby boot racks!
  • A top bargain potting table put together this afternoon by same fantastic husband, after he had completed an eight mile walk! It's not going to be a potting table as it sets off the deck too well with a few flowers on it!
  • My Green Man who kept me company this morning whilst I sat outside on the deck with my scrappy quilt and hot steaming mug of coffee. I am grateful for the fact that, the morning after the night when I can't sleep, it is a Sunday morning where the dawn is bringing a warming sunshine even at 5.45am when I'm sitting huddled up with Kelle's book and I can spend an hour in my own company listening to the vocal choir in the trees.
  • Mother and child makes me grateful for my own three, despite the bickering. The eldest who this week won a silver award for the national junior maths challenge, the middle one who finished his SAT's and took them in his stride and the little one who went to the Cotswold Wildlife Park today and brought back gifts for her siblings rather than spending all her money on herself. They are beautiful children and I'm so lucky to have been gifted them as their mama. Despite their growing years, they're still happy to allow me to cuddle with them and smell their hair.
  • Rhubarb! I love rhubarb and ours seems to be doing really well this year. Woo Hoo!

What have YOU been grateful for this week?

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