Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cocktail mania

It has been a manic couple of weeks. We have gone from having 7 people in the house to only 4! However, I don't know where the time goes. My days seem to be continually full despite me thinking at the start of the week I will get time to write etc etc blah blah!
This week started badly
Firstly I went to a class at the YMCA on Sunday morning called NIA, and acronym for something about neuromuscular something or other. I liked the write up: a cross between jazz, yoga and pilates - right up my alley missus! However, what they forgot to add is that I would be the youngest there, dancing to bloody Barbara freakin' Streisand. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I actually enjoyed it which is the worrying thing and I can fit this into my schedule..... I think time out on this until next week, I'll let you know if I return. Pilates itself is proving a real PITA at the moment as it starts at 11 and ends at 12 and I have pick up at 12 so am finding it a real bind. I am going to attempt Bikram Yoga on Thursday as an alternative.

Monday morning .......I got my first rejection pah! It's not as if I ever thought this first set of attempts would end in a publishing contract, but still, you always have that small glimmer of hope in the back of your mind that someone might like your book as much as you do! I am going on a workshop in NYC in November, maybe the pointers I get there will help. I have no idea really why I want to publish a book so much, other than I really want to achieve something concrete.

I then spent most of Monday sewing puppets for Beowulf or at least trying to help the children sew their own.....which ended up in the former!

I have had an influx of clients as well over the last few weeks with classes and have been teaching twice a week and this weekend I have a half day class and then a comfort measure workshop.

I have also been observing in the classroom this week as we have conferences in November. I always love this part. You stand behind a one way window so they can't see you and you can then watch them and how they are in the classroom. It was I's turn this morning. It was so much fun to be a fly on the wall. She was doing a matching activity at one point, abstract pictures with the concrete object. She picked up a ruler and put it against the picture of the pencil. Then I watched her put her hands over her mouth, giggle, and put it against the ruler. It was like her own personal little joke, she knew it was not the right match and it completely cracked me up, along with her little classmate streaking butt naked through the classroom. Problem is, you have to remember not too laugh out loud as they can hear you!! Apparently she later went on to iron necklaces. I explained that as she never sees me iron (my darling DH does it!!) she has no idea how to iron things!

Last weekend R and T went to watch car racing over at Lime Rock. They had a great day out. It was meant to be a camping event the night previously, but unfortunately it started raining on Thursday afternoon and didn't stop until Friday morning and there was a wind warning issued. The blasted weather is determined to put a halt to this camping milarky at the moment! I sent R along with a set of ear plugs, knowing what a wimp I am with noises and presuming to have psychologically passed this idiosyncrasy on to him. Fortunately he is built of sterner stuff TG!

On Monday afternoon I took W and I dress shopping with me. We have a cocktail party (!!) on Friday night. It is the first event in the school calendar and they generally reduce everyone to mulch with both whaaay too much alcohol on offer and then a slide show of the children at work in these first weeks of school. I decided that this year, as I know the dress code! I was going to splash out. W. was amazing. He is going to be the best husband or partner when he gets older.
"I like that mummy, that's definately you" or "That's you in that mummy but I don't like it!" - okay, so he took the job of "tell me if you think it's me" a little too literally!! I. was too engrossed in her raisins to comment. But job well done I hope!

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