Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The world is a strange and unsuspecting place!

Yesterday I was called by an enquirer who, by short, must be deaf, have a weird fantasy about being yelled at in labor or is utterly utterly understanding and forgiving. I am going to opt for the latter right now, it eases my concience somewhat! After trying for the fourth time that day to return her call from two days prior and only succeeding in getting as far as the darned "bleep" before being hunted down and smoked out by "les", I had finally found a quiet space, daddy was home, so there would be no chance of any interuptions........WHO AM I KIDDING!??? I was hiding in the loo and was leaving a message when all of a sudden all hell breaks loose between I and W. They managed to get past daddy, who by all accounts is not remotely connected to the world and get into my haven screaming like banshees about who was doing what, how, when etc etc.

I am mid message, so press the "end" button, deciding it would be easier to sort this out, then call her back. I have had them all week while himself has been overseas on business, I finally think I have a moment where he can watch them and answer these problems while I call back this enquirer.........so i snap! I yell! There is fire, spit, eternal damnation and screeching about how they are going to lose me a client, how I can never find any space to take calls, how my job is never seen as important and my office always seems to become the playroom (or the blinkin' lav!..........I breathe, MrBeehive finally intervenes, calm is somewhat restored........until I look down at the phone which is happily sitting there clocking up the minutes still connected!!

I think the next few hours are beyond scripting. I rang back with a brief apology for goodness knows what she heard of that.....

However.........(see the above!) maybe someone felt sorry finally that I don't have an office any better equipped than the John, in fact that IS it's focal point.

So I spent an agonising weekend, envisaging her knowing multitudes of others, telling them of my incredible outburst, horrendous parenting skills and god knows what else.......after this, I thought nothing else would match......until the outlaws decided to start raking up the leaves as well.

They say that once you get older, you stop trying to please people as much, you say it like it is, you wear purple (actually, I wear it now, so my outlook is probably lower than average!), watching and hearing my neighbour lighting fires in the middle of her lawn on a daily basis, screaming in German at 5am in the morning in the middle of the drive, mowing the lawn at 9pm at night when it is pitch black continually reassures me of this assumption. My FIL managed to surpass all possible understanding of human geneality on Sunday. I am not going to enter into it, suffice to say that his assumptions and lack of tact were outstanding. I am still awaiting an apology before he enters my home in two weeks time......perhaps I will have the telephone demon on standby!!!!

Right, now I need to go back to my previous two posts to start undoing the damage created by this weekend!

Or maybe just a strong Hazelnut mocha will work this morning!

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