Thursday, November 02, 2006

A calm drone resumes.......

in the beehive. Vent and anger have henceforth been banished to the doghouse (well he doesn't use it,) and aformentioned FIL's will find himself there smoted should my ying and yang be discombobulated during the visitation!

Anyway, to minor things and back in the mode of this blog - rambling!
Today my inner peace has been restored, I have managed to find a great organic veggie cafe to make some party food for Izzy's birthday. I have decided to do away with prancing ponies and fearsome clowns that will probably just reduce them all to tears and instead invest in some class A food rather than the usual contraband that they try to pass off in the supermarket as birthday fodder! I haven't got the time to make much myself this year due to himself being away for some time, and the innies arriving, not to mention my usual week of craziness before hand, so I have passed the buck.......and what a great buck too! I have managed to get a wonderful selection all with change in the bank too! yay! So now, all I need to do is the cake. But as this is always the same, much scoffed cake, year after year, I have no worries about this. All this will be washed down with a yummy berry smoothie, which I. pinched from me this morning and drank the lot !!

However, I think I may also try a new recipe which I will add on to the blog later once I have tried out the proportions this afternoon.

My application to join a children's literature writing course has been accepted, however, my feelings are not sure about this. Not for actually DOING the course, but more for how subjective and selective the process actually was, or is this one of these usual vying for business processes rather than judging on merit. They claim to do the latter, but I thnk before I part with any tuition fees, I will need to research them a little more thoroughly. They claim that you will have a manuscript fit to send to a publisher by the end of the this space!

We experienced true Trick or Treatin' American style for the first time on Tuesday evening. OMG! We went with some friends dressed up (or rather NOT Marla!!) in our costumes. Every house was decorated to the nines, it was like Christmas, only halloween style, all houses were opened to the merriment with one house putting on a film on the side of their house and another had set up a full blown pizzeria/buffet in his seriously had to be seen to be believed. The candy stash was enough to feed several small countries!!! W. bless his heart, was carrying around a UNICEF box trying to collect pennies too. It was sweet to see his little Mr Incredible figure standing as the lone child in a doorway after all the candy seekers had gone, asking for a few pennies for the poor children!! T. on the otherhand asked if the poor could wait until tomorrow, until after he had collected his candy......hmmmm??? I suppose at least one out of three ain't bad so far!

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