Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bloody balloons and "Sober Tooth Tigers"

I love the Bronx Zoo. I don't know why as I am not a fan of caged animals, but this zoo has to be seen to be believed. The drive in in itself is fascinating, you come from the parkway into the Bronx which consists of a lot of high rise flats and marshy areas. You can't really believe how a zoo this big will fit into this area, but it does. It is one of the better educational zoos for the children too, particularly along the lines of conservation of not only the animals but the world. The exhibits are hands on for the children, full of really scary and unerving facts such as every minute 150 acres of rainforest is destroyed!! and the animals are living in large enclosures with many enrichment activities to ensure they are not just "rotting" away. You feel you really are getting your dollar to the right place.

Anyway, we decided to go there today as a treat for I's birthday yesterday. We last went in March this year, so it was actually fun to go when it wasn't so busy and some of the animals were in their winter enclosures inside too and we felt that we really got to see the animals rather than someone's elbow or coiffure!

The boys like to follow the trails and feel like they are stepping into Asia or Africa in the various trails. On this particular visit however, we have noticed a large yellow wildlife warning sign with a picture of a tiger as we approach the tiger mountain; W. yells out at the top of his voice "watch out! Sober tooth tigers are here!!!" of course, we all fell about with the images "jusssh fillllsush up wiv anover!!!"

It has been a somewhat calmer day than yesterday when we were awakened at "stupid hour" by the eldest of our children who wanted the youngest awake opening her presents - not a good start! The day didn't really progress much better. We had to fetch the food from the cafe, then pick up some balloons which I had ordered; whilst in the shop picking up the balloons T decided he wanted a balloon and his granny had said he had to put it back. Minutes later however as I am loading into the car, the shop assistant comes out after us asking us if he would return the balloon - I had no idea he had picked it up again, however, he was making no effort to hide it either!! Whether or not he had meant to steal it or had just expected me to pay for it, either way, he had taken it and he knew he was wrong and I was not happy with him at all. We drove home in a less than somber mood as you can imagine to the dulcet tones of the food thudding down between the seat and the back ledge !!!!%^&**)_*)!!!!!!!! Fortunately nothing was spilled, however, the gorgeous presentation was a little scrambled and my mood was deteriorating further!! I explained to T that as a responsiblity for his actions, he would have to tell his daddy what he did.....which he accepted and did, in the interim I burst one of the frickin' balloons on getting them out of the car grrrr! Well you know me and loud noises.........bloody helium sounds like a shotgun!!

Anyway, the party went ahead without hitches (fortunately!) and R took me out to see Casino Royale later that evening putting me back in a relaxed frame of mind (if not a little racing after seeing Daniel Craig with his kit off yum!)

Finally, what is it about children and telling jokes? T, at 6, is starting to have an interest at the moment in jokes, he is keeping tabs on some fairly funny ones. His newest is: "how does a farmer count his cows?" - "With a cow-culator". Most of the time, he tries to make them up and they lack any form of sense, not to mention humour he also feels obliged to ask "do you get it?" and then proceed to explain the "connection"!!!. His younger brother at 4 is even worse, except for the odd occasion where he may not have gotten the hang of a joke per se, but he can certainly make us laugh. His follow on to T's cow-culator joke was "how does a farmer count his goats?" "with a goat-ulator" All together - "uhhhggghhhh"

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pansy said...

Well I think that was a very clever remark for a 4 year old to come up with!