Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"Don't lose your one else wants it!"

Yesterday T came to me before school upset that he had a pile of work that he hadn't finished yet. His goals for the week seemed daunting to him and I think he felt overwhelmed and unsure where to start. We sat and talked for a while about things he might like to do, break it down into 2 pieces each day, bring some home etc. I explained that even now I have to make lists daily for the things I need to do and often I don't finish all the work I set out to achieve. Other things crop up or I get distracted. I think he felt more positive, he certainly seemed happier last night. It is so important to achieve even small things and yesterday I achieved a pose in yoga (Bakasana) for the first time. It was such an achievement. I have only been doing Vinyasa yoga for about a month now and each time I go, I know I have psychologically set myself goals even if I don't acknowledge them out loud. I know I want to push my body that little bit further, that evening, with that goal successfully under my belt, not only do I now feel inspired to practice it more and more, I managed to write 2000 words on my assignment!! Today my goals are far less challenging, but no less important. By setting small targets, it opens up the opportunities to achieve and feel good about oneself.

Recently I read about the power of laughter. Believe it or not, there are some people who run laughter workshops. Now I enjoy a laugh as much as the next man, but the thought of being made to forcibly laugh in a room full of people really puts the bejezus into me! However, I decided whilst driving the children to school yesterday to at the very least try to force myself to smile at nothing. So while I am grimacing (hopefully unobserved by passing motorists!!) this sign appears on the side of the road: "Don't lose your one else wants it!" Well, what fun! I not only smiled but laughed out loud, which in turn caused the children to laugh too.........laughter is infectious! I am not converted however, I will still not stand in a room of chortling hyenas laughing over the fact that there is nothing to laugh about, I AM going to smile today at absolutely nothing, and if I can't think of nothing, I will at least remember that by smiling it will difuse any situation that might drive me crazy with the children!!

Go on........give it a go!!!

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